Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mom in Care Center

In Memory of mom...and all those great care takers
of the elderly.

Happy New Year...2001

T'was the night before New Years, I toasted the past
The years with my mother, how long will they last?

I thought of the good times, the battles with Dad
Her trek to Hawaii, nineteen years she did gad.

Back on the Mainland to Panguitch for LaRae
Whose battle with cancer carried the day.

She moved to the Rock House and remodeled with glee
Then became so forgetful, she forgot she was she.

Panguitch Care Center was the next home in line
In which she could live and be safe for a time.

The staff at the center took her in stride
In spite of her anger, her assaults, and her pride.

They appreciate her laughter and her bright grin
Became her defenders through thick and through thin.

I've marveled so often their kindness and care
Through sickness and death that comes to them there.

I know after bathroom trips four times a day
with thirty-four residents complaining her way.

They deserve several raises for that part alone
triple the sum and more...if residents moan.

As if this is what training has taught them to do,
There must be an easier job to go to.

They meet the patient that appreciates the care
Makes the work easier for all of them there.

They develop a love for the old and the wise,
a patience for those who no longer surmise.

I toast those willing to continue on
helping the dying to finish their song.

My mother has lived to a graceful old age
with the staff at the care center, patient and sage.

I thank all the nurses, LPNs, CNAs
the physical therapists, the cooks for each day.

Those that wash all the clothes and clean all the room,
those that plan entertainment with dances and tunes,

I thank all the doctors who moniter the care
of each separate person residing there.

Oh bless you forever, my toast is for you.
Happy New Year today and all the year through!

This poem is for all those out there taking care of the sick and elderly.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Peacock by Hunter (age 10)

Hunter drew and sent this picture,
a cup (mine Hunter) and hot-
pot holders -matching peacocks
for Christmas and birthdays
we had on Dec. 26
sixty years apart.
He turned 11. Me?
I find having a grandson
join me on a birthday
that sort of blends into
Christmas, turned that
60th birthday
into something very special.
Hunter and I can enjoy the day
and know the other is having
fun too. Afterall,
we are only sixty years apart!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

COWBOY by LaRae King

This is Dona Peterson's painting
given by LaRae to her and Jim,
I'm sure for that Cowboy Jim,
hanging on Dona's wall.
I was there trying to find out facts
Decided to post in honor
of finishing the damn book, again..
I started on Index and found errors.
And more errors.
So I'll need to finish and finish
But I finished enough to write
a poem about Clyde King and daughters
that would not work in the book.
This picture reminded me of him..
and that it's Christmas...So I guess
I'll post it here.

Clyde King and Five Daughters

When I think of all those hours,
driving cattle, in the truck going from
Boulder to Salt Gulch and back,
watering alfalfa fields, hauling
cows to Koosheram to sell...
all those hours of silence.

I wonder why Clyde didn't believe
in his girls strong minds,
didn't know they had nerve and fire
wanting to conquer the world
as well as the cattle business.

He could have taught us to rope and ride
how the actual business ran,
What made a good cattle range.
What plants to grow or avoid
(which plant was the dread "loco weed".
What was good stock or poor.
What was the ideal herd and why
cut that one out?
What to look for when you buy?
How to sell at the best price
at the right time.
We should have known the cattle business
top to bottom when we left home.
He didn't believe girls had minds.

Gerry quit school to be a writer.
She insisted all her sisters, kids, and
anyone else who would listen..WRITE.
We wrote. We agonized over what we said..
while she tackled the difficult subjects
of Child molesting, adultry, abortion..
She insisted we think
And keep thinking!

Marge finished her training as a registered Nurse
Worked in mental hospitals and in Public Health.
She became director at Maricopa State Mental Hospital
Trained to be a Nurse Practioner
Opened her own clinic where she
worked until retirement.
She made money..and wrote articles about health,
published books written by Aunt Nethella and Irene,
She did one about Floyd and one about Clyde with Ann.
Is writing now about herself...
the hard one.

LaRae was a budding cartoonist, artist and sculptress
when she was taken by Cancer, a Downwinder.
She was director of Braithweight Museum when she died.
Our monument of loss.
We don't forget her sense of humor
Her book of poetry called "Coffin Nails"
and her courageous struggle with Ovarian Cancer.

Ann finished her Masters while teaching at Tolleson.
Moving to Utah,taught swimming at Monroe Hot Springs.
She went to Piute High and on to Panguitch High.
where she lost pancreas and spleen to a 'sick' building?
Retired, is now trying to make writing time.
(And still teaches swimming lessons.)
Poetry comes out in all it's various forms
and is almost ready with her Esclante Monument book.

Linda is the most renoun poet among us.
She has several books to her name.
She is both artist and sculptress,
the heads of famous poets and family
sit around the country.
She complains they are heavy..and
may give them up for poetry,
much lighter to handle... and paintings.

So Clyde, your daughters still struggle
for elusive fame, but we have made
a mighty effort. I hope you now,
residing on The Other Side
admire the girls!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holidays are here

Alana has her reindeer up...and other stuff.
Her reindeer are made of fur, so when
the snow falls, the reindeer collect snow
and it slides off naturally.
The paper is put inside..
She handmade them all!
My grandkids love to visit
and wish the reindeer were coming
off their roof, onto their lawn.
We stop by to see the 101 dalmations
playing on another lawn..
all 101 are there.
Kids count!
Their mom makes peanut brittle
and cheeseballs...
and crochets rags for washing dishes
for everyone! They are the best.
I put up my santas and make
treats to keep people from
getting popcorn
and apples!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

House Lights Up

Considering Tom has had four leg surgeries
and gimps.. has had a bubble in his eye
can't see.. has all his teeth pulled
can't eat..
He managed to put up lights
and make the holidays brighter.
and is hoping
the New Year will
be better!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Some Santas

I collect Santas for Christmas,
Trying to find some variety,
something different.
The favorite is the
Santa Claus Cow,
sent by Grandsons.
Reminding me of my days
with real, not Santa cows.
The magic of Christmas is
combining fantasy and fact
in lights and lore and music,
all the sounds of fun.
Add the pomp and ceremony
of religions in celebration
and the wonder of creation.
Christmas is magical mixture.
Christmas is light.
Christmas is love.
He is the joy of giving...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Taz and Gomez

All these cute dog pictures
reminded me of my old dogs
and how much I miss them.
Gomez is the one with
the Christmas tree.
Taz is my-picking-up
the-canal dog.
He loved water.
What better place to be?
Christmas is a time for memories.

Monday, December 7, 2009


I love music for the holidays.
The Children's Program the
grandkids do complete with Santa
is always a treat.
Drew said he knows two songs..
I'll make them sing for me
since I can't make it as
its on the same day I am
going to hear Logan play the sax
in the Christmas Band concert.
Shayna is part of a special choir
at her school and I do want to
make time for that.
She sings all year.
Garret plays his rock guitar.
I do hope my grandkids in
Washington State
are singing...
and I think I'll listen
to Susan Boyle..her voice
has wonderful tones.
The world agrees.
Christmas is the time
for music...
music throughout the world.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


The Christmas Holidays are here.
I want to share our small town's
most creative builder of paper mache..
all the reindeer, Santa, snowmen,
and sled are hand made by Alana.
Halloween she does huge spooks,
and monsters hanging around her house...
or at least did while her children was home.
She has done the whole Alice in Wonderland,
Dorthy and the Wizard of Oz and other
remarkable sets for the junior prom.
She did a whole band that moved and
played for the Bobettes, a marching group
at school for their competition performance.
She has made our town richer by her
creative mind and artistic ability.
Much of her work is long gone.
I hope she took pictures!

I want to share one picture and dedicate
this blog to the creative and talented
who do their work for the rest of us.
For Raymond Shurtz in Austin, Texas
doing his one man show, Bohemian Cowboy.
for our holiday pleasure,
and to all those who do so much for others.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Desert Bighorn at Zion's

I loved this picture Jason took when they went to Zion's Canyon through the tunnels. This picture is for the men that happen by as they do love wild life.


When my kids were little,
you could still stop inside the
tunnel, park, and feed
the overweight squirrels.
Now you drive straight through.
But the Canyon still exists
in all it's wild beauty.
The Great White Throne is
amazing in its size and majesty.
Angel Landing Trail
took another life
over the holidays.
There is always danger
when climbing such heights,
walking on the edge of
high peaks.
Mala just went to Emerald
Trail..a safe and beautiful
walk for kids.
Deer are company
at Zion's Canyon.
Everyone tells you to
watch for Desert Bighorn...
like these...
so seldom seen...
standing on the edge of cliffs.