Monday, August 30, 2010

Camille's Sunflowers

Camille has her own sunflowers and flower garden.
Spectacular! She has to pick those weeds so there
is no interference.
Boulder is still Boulder.
The wind was strong enough to
break limbs which fell down almost on
Tracy's car. The sand whips up.
It was very green.
We drove up Thompson Ledge with Steve
in his four-wheel drive..marveling that we could.
Anslem, the artist, the photographer (60 books) and singer..
my recording artist said he was getting a dvd done for Anslem,
that he is well-known in Germany. My!
Dinner was hot and ready -enchilidas and salads and rasberry shortcake..
delicious! And the Brigham tea bush was there reminding
me of tea made in tin cans while we looked for deer mice. (cute)
We sat across from (Cheryl help!) who have moved to Salt Gulch.
I told them I was born there and he laughed out loud.
"Camille's Mother" and I are living history.
And the wind whipped. And the wind grew stronger.
Rather than kill the actors with falling poles and canvas
the play was called. Oh sad!
The Gods (and Raymond) spoke!
We will hope this play is picked up and
we have another time to go...before...
Boulder at harvest time looks busy and prosperous.
Plants are tall. Apples in the trees. Flowers bloom.
We enjoyed our time in Boulder.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Sunflowers on the Big Flat

I have never seen the Big flat so beautiful.
I could hardly believe my eyes.
We rushed to Boulder and King's Pasture
to get our old junk trailer ready to move,
paint the door, take some needed items,
clean a few things...took some time.
Bow hunters were on the mountain.
The deer were nervous.
Our doe has two fawn.
we returned, but I will head back
tomorrow to attend the play on
Thompson's Ledge and visit family.
A Wayne County man wants to meet in
Boulder to record poetry and song.
We'll see if he appears.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Sunflowers next to the post office in Panguitch
caught my eye..and this one pouring cement at Houston's old house.
Brady (Frank's son) bought it and tore half away.
People remodel, come home, move away..and I wonder
if I want to lift loads of stuff and move
or let someone else have to do it...someday.
Will anyone treasure our treasures?
Moving one load was work all day.
Times change.
People try something new.
We all may die and change everything!
Until then life is a challenge to find interesting
items everywhere.
I could maybe buy my old house in Boulder..
Wouldn't that be a horror to try to fix?
Or Tom's house in Escalante...a single woman lives there
that might be easier if she wanted to sell.
Or we could move to St. George and be hot in the summer
Or move to Central and buy that old house.
Why has all our old houses fallen into such disrepair?
Mother's Old Rock House is perfectly restored!
So I'm glad someone who loves old treasures
bought it. So I sit and ponder.
I have a new roof and new sewer system.
More years can slip by.
Panguitch hasn't bothered me too much.
I haven't bothered her.
We keep our places.
Don't rattle the cages of the tiger!
My work is where ever I go.
Tom is not standing straight
since we took one load to the dump.
More? We might spend our time in hospitals
instead of Panguitch. We might anyway.
So...I am enjoying the sunflowers.
Interested in the building.
Visit who I can.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

We two.

I dreamed I was entangled in a venture
of paint, water, and flowers
with my sister Linda. We were laughing
and throwing paint...I mean I was throwing
paint and she was making this picture
of wild swoops and dips and outrageous color.
Paint was in our hair..
covered our clothes...
a masterpiece was born
larger than life...
and we were having fun.

I woke wanting to laugh like that
with Linda, once more.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Wild yellow roses are...wild yellow roses.
How much are we defined by who we are?

How important is it that I was born out
on the remote ranch of Salt Gulch by a
midwife grandpa crushing my head by instruments?
Was that an important defining moment?
How am I to know?

My dad drank heavily. My uncles too.
When one uncle talked to spirits, I believed him
having seen a spirit myself leaving from his home
into the stars. Was that when his spirits and mine
intertwined and were real? He was crazy, and so was I?
When two sisters followed him into the mental hospital
stressed by life and life and life...many defining moments,
I thought that I would too. They came out, shocked at
being committed. I walked with them toward freedom.

I married the school rebel..who smokes like Dad..
who turned out to be not the rebel I thought,
I am more one than he. So he tries to hold down me.
We have four children, so precious and rare.
That holds my heart in their hands.
Each one carved defining moments for me.
They have children, my grand-children,
that are moments and moments and moments
for me.

I became a school teacher like my aunt..who was
practical in many ways. It is a good life, teaching kids.
They are endlessly entertaining, creative, energetic,
absorbing life and fun and joy.
I expanded my range. I enjoyed the moment.
I lived to enjoy. But I taught in a school that was sick.
My town abounds with fresh air and sunshine,
but the ventilation system to conserve heat cut off
that fresh air and we all suffered.

I was healthy and strong, so was shocked to learn
I had a rare pancreatic disease that had destroyed
my pancreas. It needed to be removed. The problem is so rare
that it's cause is unknown. From birth? From
growing up stressed? From a sick building?
Pancreas and spleen was removed and I was sent home
to live with diabetes on pig enzeyms.
I can do that...millions have diabetes.
As I grow older...72 now...I think of that operation
as a defining moment. A chunk of me gone,
affecting me in many, many ways.

We are defined by birth, by marriage, by children,
by health, by vocation, by spirit, by life
and most important by love.
Love in all its depth
its endless change
defines the moment of each day.
I am defined by love.

Friday, August 20, 2010


I knew little to nothing about Muhammad or the Muslim religion.
I chose this book by Robert Spencer to learn more.
I think he did an excellent job of making clear what Muhammad taught
as well as the impact of the religion that opposed both Jews and Christians.
I think he covered major differences and cleared up to me just what
and why the muslims can be extremists and move toward Jihad.
I do not know how to counter that extreme thinking that would be my death
in certain circumstances. I don't understand those that would kill me because
of my religion because I am not Muslim. Robert Spencer thinks we should
at least know what Muhammad taught and why his is the most intolerant religion.
I don't know what I can do, but I am listening.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fly Free

Spread your wings, Fly Free.
Dip and dive over the country wide
Spread your wings, Fly Free.
Soar, go high, dive bomb, glide. want change.
You need to try something new.
You want to know what is 'out there'
You want to do and do and do.

Soar. Spread your wings, fly free.

Old lover looking around the town
Old is old. Look for the new.
Hoping to find a new smile.
That will keep you happy for awhile.

Soar. Spread your wings, fly free.

Just want to try this and that.
So I don't miss those gone too much.
Keep busy and moving so I don't get fat.
Be steady, happy...go to lunch.

Soar. Spread your wings, fly free.

We all need to learn to fly
Go beyond. Go Up. Go Down.
Find just that thing that works for you
Enjoy your strut about the town.

Fly free.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The above picture is the first Utah State Building of Utah that is in Fillmore, UT.
Inside is the courtroom on the top level and many office rooms below. It is now a museum that houses many interesting old pictures and items used in pioneer days.
My Cousin Marion and I went over to look up our great-grandparents James and Isabella King. We found good pictures, one we hadn't seen before. They have information on many and numbers of books to sell. We also checked out the cemetery.
We had a good day tracing our ancestors. The picture in the blog is the top floor of the courthouse building. It seemed very familiar, like there was a party once that I attended. Odd. I don't remember anything at all.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mama in Fashion

I returned to the care center today
and stuck in the page where I volunteer
was this picture of Mama in hat.
I was very surprised.
I thought I'd share as it
made me smile. Mama
in her care center towel
apron and very fashionable hat!
Where it came from, I'll never know.
I thought she welcomed me back
to the world of the old and dying.
I talked to Grandma Crompton today,
Shayna's great. She is 93 and very
alert. David on his way to Iraq
worrys us both. We enjoyed our hour.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Reynolds' family took off this morning about nine. They were all crying, except Drew and he just looked worried. I am definitely feeling the 'empty nest'
today and will in the days to come. I just hope everything works out well and they find the move rewarding and interesting. I told Addie to think of it as a Great Adventure, which it certainly is. People moving is sort of earth shaking no matter who does it or when. We will miss them.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

New roof - new sewer hookup

Thank heavens for that! We paid for the hookup ten
or so years ago when the new system was put in Panguitch.
We never actually got the house hooked up
until yesterday. That Jason is covering all promises.
We bought the pipe for the line five years ago.
When uncovered, Tom was amazed that we
didn't have a completely clogged drain
as it certainly looked that way. I
was afraid we would have to dig it up in
the middle of the winter last year.
When I think of everything Jason has learned while building
houses, I am impressed. Building, framing, wall-board,
electrical, plumbing, cement in all forms...even to building
specially designed cabinet tops in colors and forms.
His graphics for the fire department, balloon fest,
and other events are note-worthy.
Austin, I hope, is looking for a new comic. He can carry a tune.
His volunteer work for fires or traffic accidents as well
as rescue in all forms is noteworthy. He is quite an
amazing kid. I will miss him along with his kids.
He entertains! He has enjoyed the fights with his dad.
He gets along with the people of the world.
I'm sure he will do well wherever he is.
I need to brag...I do have amazing kids.
He is one of four!