Friday, December 31, 2010

Bryce Canyon Puzzle

I gave this puzzle of Bryce Canyon to each family
to remind them of 'home'...very hard puzzle
too many peices look exactly the same.
(We just live close to Bryce Canyon.)
Lola, the dog, sneaked two pieces to chew on
that happened to fall on the floor.
The spots. This puzzle reminded me of
all the Christmas complications...and
the changing dynamic's of family.
One family has a preemie to pray for
as he struggles to grow, eat, and be.
We hope that little one will improve daily.
Yes, we had missing family members who
didn't want to come or brave the winter weather.
My husband drove himself to Emergency for spasms.
He is still very weak from having them hit.
I attended the family party and left him all alone.
While I had a great time, he was miserable.
Rain fell and fell and then came the snow with a blizzard,
snow piled everywhere. We had electricity go out.
Our son brought his family from Texas to
have a fun Christmas in the ...rain. Snow fell
after he left. Some had to work instead of play.
Another Christmas gone...and I'm a year older
as my birthday comes the day after.
72 isn't old, is it?
We have the New Year to celebrate.
Everyone avoid roads and possible
accidents. And do have
A Happy New Year!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

American Indian Tree

Colette has collected many very unusual items
that she puts on her American Indian Tree each year.
Look closely to see the plates, the teepees, the skin
ornaments, the speciality items...each one specially
bought for this lovely tree each year.
The Indian rugs and pots around the room compliment the tree.
An added addition on her table sits a sculpture
made by Kade. He must have some hidden Grandma Rae talent.
Appreciate and enjoy while you pray for the little boy, Kylar?
Only 2.9 lbs. He is fighting for his way in the world.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Above is my stick santa hidden in my
ten-year-old-at-least fake poinsetta,
waiting for Christmas.
My youngest son and family will be on
the road from Texas today, and I will
worry until they get here.
My younger daughter and older son live
near St. George where the Virgin and Santa Clara
rivers are close to overflowing the banks
and with more inches of rain on top of the
fifteen they have now may overflow and erode.
Dams are threatning to break...6 or 7 houses
have washed away in Littlefield, so today
I'll wait to find out if the rainstorms are
too much. They plan to travel here on
Christmas Day. Both have homes away from
the river, but they have helped others with
sandbags yesterday. It looks like a rainey day
out my window.
My sister Gerry's granddaughter went into surgery.
We don't quite know why, but she is waiting to hear.
There have been so many deaths from accidents
in the storms..snow north, rain south...
I am waiting for people to slow down and avoid wrecks.
I think of all those people in Europe waiting at
the airports to get home...many won't and
they will wait out the storms.
We are all waiting for Santa!
That's a plus. I can't wait for Sanda
to come for grandkids because they
can't wait! For today...we are all waiting.
And you, also waiting, in Washington
drive carefully on the roads. Keep safe.
We will enjoy what comes.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Great Comfort

We live our lives in comfort.
The electricity goes out and there is
no heat, no stove, no coffee pot, no
toaster, no vacuum, no can opener, no
washer or dryer, no tv, no COMPUTER so
FB is lost, Family site is gone,
blogging is out. I have a pen and paper.
I have a book. I have myself.
but so much that makes me comfotable is gone.
I am cold. I do have a fireplace, but
haven't stacked wood. I am unprepared
to go back to life as a pioneer.
The electricity came back on and
comfort seeps. Someone had to tromp
through the snow to work for me.

I watched on 60 Minutes how our states and
counties, along with our government, are going broke
and think of all we have...schools, teachers,
buses, roads, forests, fish, game, hospitals and
medical personel, care centers, health clinics,
so many things paid or subsidized by our taxes.
We expect much and expect people to run our
government and money well. We expect honesty.
We expect hard work. We expect people with principles
to do the best they can. We aren't careful ourselves.
Spend freely. We don't keep tabs on others.
We want to do what we want to do. And when
those in government do what we do, we scream
and wonder why?? They had opportunity.
So now can we all tighten our belts
and pay as we go? Ouch, that hurts.
But do we want to be without electricty?
I don't. I know how that feels.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas complexities

A Christmas flower from a calendar.
A reminder of beauty and wonder
a time of peace.
Our sons, cousins, friends, family
fight in Afganistan...each day one
sends a Christmas greeting to his
special family in Utah...
each day there are more wounded,
more killed and our hearts are broken.
The children are excited, sending letters
to Santa, published in the Reaper.
"Dear Santa, how ar yr rendir?"
So many families need help for their
children. So many families are hungry.
So many orphans around the world.
How do we fill their stomachs and
provide a more stable economy?
Christmas always reminds us of those in need.
Our men are strong. Our men provide.
Our men support...until they can't.
Or they turn to drugs and violence.
They become angry and small wars
erupt in families all over the world.
Men join gangs and kill.
Our lives are threatened.
What are we missing?
The rich want to hold on to their wealth.
The poor want to be rich.
There is less middle ground.
Everyone is angry. Road rage is rampant.
Our women nurture. Our women hold out
loving arms for tired and crying children.
Our women love.
Yet will turn on their own,
Killing children not yet born.
Beating themselves up for abortions.
no longer knowing how to love.
Learning it is okay to kill...children.
So maybe killing isn't so bad.
Living children can be frustrating.
Moms and Dads are angry.
Will the children go away
Where anger rests in the secret heart?
Christmas. News. No money.
Too much money. No time. Too much time.
How do we really relate on FB?
How can we love when no one is there?
How do we reach out to living souls
or are we becoming electronic souls?
Christmas. Complexities.
Where is the beauty? The heart?
Love strings threads through us
all...we can't let them break.
Find those fiber-optic threads
that bind. Love.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


This is a dance concert I attended at Tuacahn High School put on by the dances, including my grand daughter. I was very impressed. Tuacahn is an Arts school that has no sports program as they do only music, dance, and performances. The soloist that performed plans to attend Juliard. She was exceptional.
I was amazed at my granddaughter's training as I seldom get to her performances. She prefers family stay away as they makes her nervous, she claims. I was happy that her other grandmother and cousins came too. My sister came with me. I told her that anything I find out about that is open to the public, I might sneak in.
She did greet us all after the performance.
It is impressive to see so many students in a dance concert and have it done so well. They work very hard..most in eight or nine numbers as well as choreograph
their own. They don't allow pictures. I was hoping they might do a dvd for parents to own. That would be fun. I would buy one. When students really want to be performers, where could they find a better school than Tuacahn? I know Alica has had lessons for years and it shows. So many of the student dances are obviously also well trained. I came away from the concert thinking that Bouldless was a great name for the show, wishing I was closer and could be a better part of her life.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


This is an older picture of a doe
enjoying our house and yard.
We haven't caught a picture of
the Buck.
It came and attacked our bush
probably trying to remove horns,
and put on the ground three large
garbage bags of limbs beat into
small pieces. Tom, usually up late,
missed this attack on the bush
outside the window.
He's hoping to catch sight of
the buck. Deer wander at will
through our yard. The cat
makes no noise. Our dog is gone.
Unusual events happen
wherever we are. Enjoy them.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Real bison in Kanyonland

Who could resist this real picture
of a real bison wandering
down though the canyon south
of Teasdale, UT?
It's December. Of course it's snowey.
I thought of Rolain's great grandpa
Ephraim K. Hanks who killed
a single buffalo and saved
the handcart pioneers years back.
He was a Wayne County pioneer.
And mother and dad, looking for
buffalo on the Henry Mountains,
came upon a huge old bison.
Dad said he knew it was the one
they heard about that
charged and smashed into trucks
ruining radiators, leaving men stranded.
It stood in the middle of the
road bellowing and snorting.
They sat quietly, hoping to be ignored
until he calmed down and passed by.
They didn't honk, as that seemed to
enrage him, they'd heard.
All stared eye to eye,
then the old bull moved on.
And they returned to Hanksville
So seeing this picture in the
Richfield Reaper..reminded me
of old wild tales of Buffalo and men.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Future

December Sunrise outside my door.
As I grow older there are more of those
breathtaking moments, there and gone.
This is one of changing color.
Christmas Future sees me sometimes
on the road, sometimes not.
I plan to stick around for more,
but then one day I will move on
into the sunset set here, sunrise there..
and greet others gone before,
I comtemplate the value of my days.
Did I do enough?
Linda talks of the homeless
not being her; not me either,
so how do we balance our great wealth,
our comfort, our ease?
What should we being doing
for the greater good as we move
forward? We are where we are,
so what now?
How do we take bold steps.
Finish what was started.
Make what we do worth the effort.
And brighten each Christmas Future
as we leave behind our legacy.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Present

This Christmas I am waiting for grandchildren to come home
from Texas. They have had a traumatic year.
As school ended here in Utah, the family
decided to move by the next school year.
Promises made to return for Christmas.
Summer was spent in packing and playing
with cousins and friends.
With plans made and boxes piling up,
their other Grandma was diagnosed with cancer.
She insisted no plans be cancelled,
but what an added stress as doctors found brain tumors
and other signs of advanced cancer.
My family moved in time to start school in Texas.
Their Grandma died the next month.
so loaded themselves and three dogs
and came home for a unique and large funeral
for the mayor of Panguitch
complete with a motorcycle calvacade.
Having moved to a house in Texas, they
soon planned to move into another house
which they cleaned, fixed up, and painted.
I don't know if that job is complete or if
they are still half in, half out.
But it is time to keep promises of coming
'home' for Christmas, so with three dogs
and three kids the trip is planned and
will be made.
I am the grandma they left behind
having tended all three up until school,
filling in sick days and vacations.
So they are greatly missed.
I am looking forward to
Christmas Present
to see their loved faces
once again.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Past

This is my dog Gomez to help
me remember Christmas Past.
He has been gone years.
As a child, very young,
I got a doll which wasn't
as fascinating as the books.
Anne of Green Gables, Tiger Roan,
Black Beauty, The Christmas Carol,
Where the Red Fern Grew, Old Yellar,
Wildfire, Toby Tyler, the books
were always there and I couldn't wait
to sit and read.
Mom liked reading too.
Dad usually found a bottle that day,
so lay around passed out.
He was a good one to sneak by
and go read.
Our animals had to be fed with or without him.
We looked for kittens in the hay.
and took the rounds in the fields
throwing hay to penned heifers.
We could run around seeing what
our friends got that day,
and eat some homemade candy or desert
at their house.
We'd gather to ice skate on our pond.
We'd sleighride down the hill
to Grandma's house for dinner sometimes
if Dad could make it.
Grandpa King would recite poetry
by the fireplace at night.
We'd ride back home in the powerwagon,
happy with another Christmas day.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I am still not the best out there on the internet.
My buying skill is better than my finding skill.
I can't seem to find exactly what I'm looking for
no matter how much detail I add. I do think of myself
at times, dumb as a my dad used to say.
So all those out there spending millions seem to know
their way around cyper-land better than I. I'm the
grandma that signs lol thinking it means lots of love.
What the hell does it mean? I forgot.
I'm also the grandma that finds one letter words is
a way to get out of spelling, a way NOT to think.
But I do love those one-line interchanges of friends
and family that are nothing but funny.
So on Cyber-Monday I'm aware of my meager internet knowledge,
my lack of speed in traveling through cyber-space,
my endless curiosity and endless information out there to
satisfy it, if only I can find just the right word
to find just the right bit I'm looking for.
I hooked up my new printer, a little shakey by the time
I'd followed all programmed instructions, hoping I'd done
it right and the thing works.
And laughed when my husband came in with his new battery
charger saying, "You can't just turn it on anymore and
have it's a damn computer!" Will everything
turn into a computer? Thank God our pre-school kids
are computer savvy, or what would they do?
It's us old ones that are brain dead.
I'm hoping to look ahead for a better day
next Cyber-Monday.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lighting Ceremony

My granddaughter sang a solo "O Come All Ye Faithful"
at the lighting ceremony at the St. George Temple.
It was hauntingly beautiful. I was so touched.
So many came, all with children of all ages,
braving the unusual cold.
And I thought of the terrorist caught
trying to blow up the families in Seattle
at the tree lighting ceremony there.
The FBI were undercover and worked with
this guy who thought he was setting off a bomb.
All parts were in place, the truck, the fuel,
and the caps, fake, so they could take this guy
into custody. If he wasn't caught what could be..
whole families being blown away
while at a tree lighting ceremony.
I blessed homeland security.
as I watched the colored lights appear all around
in a dance of color and the children "oooooo"
in appreciation. A wonder of delight.
My family is safe.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

For Floyd

I was thinking last night about Maude R.
and all her struggles...and many deathbed scenes.
She was in a great panic for some time, calling
everyone to her bedside. She very nearly died
a couple of times. And then one morning, she
woke up calm. I wrote this poem about that.
Maybe Floyd would like it.


I thought at first
that I was different
because of the long,
near-death spell,
feeling changed
by her struggle
and wnderful
human courage,
myself somehow touched.

She acted normal.
Knitted booties,
visited the same as usual
The fear was not there.
Her calm was so deep.

I watched her, fascinated.
Her valiant struggle to
again get up and walk.
I shared my excitement of
swimming a mile at forty,
comparing it to her coming
from death to walk.
Laughing, I teased her
coming back from the dead.

"Ann, I cant walk.
I'm better, but I can't get up.
I can't put that burden on
you and Rhoda. I feel myself slip
and I know this is the way
to help you.
I won't come home again,
except for a day."
She said it calmly, without panic.
Again there was this feeling.

She was on a mission, maybe that's it.
She was a missionarey in the nursing home.
What is it about her?
She has moved beyond.
Did Death singe her? Is it death?
No...the thought hit me.
Moses in the Ten Commandments
was singed with a spiritual fire.
Had Maude come from death
burned with a spiritual fire?
The thought was ridiculous.
I brushed it away.

Every day it returned, persisted.
She had been touched.
She had become in her fight
with death, a spiritual person.
I don't know that she knew it.
I don't know that I understand it.
For the first time, I had insite
the Red Sea actually did open and
people walked across the bottom
on dry land.
Jesus Christ did on water
and raise the dead.
Men have been changed to
living spirits in a twinkling
of an eye.

The spirit of this woman
that I knew so well had changed.
I saw it every day. She was herself,
somehow brighter, deeper.
Mrs. Dewey saw it in her courage.
Thella struggled to tell her how
her attitude about being
in the nursing home had changed
them both.
Thella said, "You're more perfect now."

There was a miracle in her,
a lack of fear, more wise,
more caring. She changed
from one state to another
and that was marvelous in itself.

Marge, you can print it off if you want.
I don't know if you remember my poetry book
about Maude Living With The Grim Reaper.
The deathbed scenes are there as well as this
on is there. I found this poem
the middle of the night, thinking it might
help Floyd.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Modern technology

I am always behind with technology.
You out there have been doing
conference calls for years, but
I just did my first last night for a
library board meeting.
It went very fast, as you don't seem
to linger on the phone and we were done
in 25 minutes. Amazing!
It took an hour in person...people tend to visit.
My very accomplished neice attended
the school board meeting for 4 l/2 hours.
The agenda was long. Wonder what a
conference would do for someone
always has to travel some distance.
It couldn't be done? Those meetings are long.
Cheryl taught me how to post a picture on FB.
She brought me back my book that she put on her
book printing program. Her cousin has been reading
my book...I so appreciate their work.
I so appreciate their work.
She said I should get a program
where I can call and see my grandkids
as I talk. What is next?
Oh, that's old too? I don't even
want to hear what's NEW.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Last flowers of Fall

These are the last blooming flowers of fall.
I can't remember the name,
but they seem to fit as winter comes on
and people drop away.
The time to take stock..
the blooming of final gatherings
of those gone...leaving families
to mourn, assess their loss,
and somehow move on.
Janet and Rick and Donald
seem too young to go, but
they are gone.
Floyd hangs on hoping for a bit more time.
We look at our own lives and possible deaths
and speculate, wondering if we have done
what we can do, need to do, want to do.
Take stock before we also move on.
Birth brought us here screaming...
Will Death take us there screaming?
We all hope that our time will come
in the natural way..and there will be no
younger person moving on too quickly.
That we will go first before our children.
and wait for them there.
Grandmas? Are you there, waiting?
I hope so. I look at this last bloom
of summer and hope we leave behind
a touch of beauty before we fall.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Linda's Artwork

All these paintings are old..
done in a moment in time.
I like them just the same,
part of my decor. She moves on
with sculpturing the poets of S.F.
with numb hands. How does she do that?
You can see her work on he website
on FB under Linda King.
She just had a show
but can't let us know just how it went.
Her computer is down. What did we do
without computers? We can't live without pictures.
Need them. So we wait. In the meantime
enjoy these works of art. Dad. Mom.
Sort of herself. Maybe me. and Thompson Ledge.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

bear roots

This painting is by J. H.Hutchingson
who lives in Escalante.
I am endlessly fascinated by the creations of
artists and what they chose to make,
like the teapots I viewed yesterday.
My sister Linda just had a open house in
San Francisco displaying her two finished
sculptures of Neely and Farlengetti.
I thought to display something of hers, but
decided to wait to hear more about it
from her. And then I will post something.
I do have a painting and a sculpture of Old Mama,
Thompson Ledge, and an old one of Dad on a horse.
I do want to hear how the poetry readings went
and how people viewed her work. Her sculptures are good.
Always interesting who she decides to do next.
She is the poorest sculptress I know, as she
does exactly what she wants and then hardly makes
a cent. Her computer isn't hooked up.
Her daughter's computer is down.
Scott? Where is Scott? That's her son,
and does carry around a computer. I will wait
a bit. In the meantime enjoy these odd roots.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


This picture shows Stuart putting up
or taking down his tent.
He gets things done and gets the kids busy,
teaching as he works. His birthday is tomorrow..
doesn't want a party. Might head to Mesquite.
Born with club feet, we spent each week at
Shriner's Hospital getting new casts to
get them straight. He cried. He was operated on
at six months, but still walked at ten months.
Amazingly strong. He can remember the airplane
hanging in the cast room.
Operated on again at age five
and also in Jr. High.
Odd moments...while teaching 15-year-olds lifesaving,
they couldn't bring up the weight
from the bottom of the pool.
He went to the bottom and brought it up.
He was eight. I couldn't believe it.
He had a motorcycle at age five
and rode for hours like a madman.
Wouldn't ride a horse.
He was good in sports, wrestling, and baseball.
Didn't like basketball.
Loved hunting.
In his forties now, he's still busy.
Works long hours taking care of his family.
Hates having his picture taken...thus the older one.
Isn't one to visit long, but will jump in and
get work done that needs doing.
He's fast, and what he does, he does well.
I often wish he was around more often...
And am always glad that he's my son.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Speaking of sheep, I thought you'd like to see all the sheep
going along the street in Cedar City...taken from the Spectrum.
I don't know why sheep in Cedar City appeals to me,
but it does.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


I have neglected my poor blog as I've been going in many directions.
My grand-daughter has had a strange constant pain that finally is
diminishing yesterday. She has an appoinment with a internalist to
find out the cause in the coming week. I am thinking about her.

Tom's cousin from his great Aunt Minerva (Nerve)who married John Wesley Norton sent a package of papers that she got from Nauvoo church records of land, baptismals, temple meetings proving that John Reynolds was John Wesley Reynolds and his parents were James Elisha and Elizabeth Anderson Reynolds. The connections all work. I am impressed with the computer savey of Luann. She is also so into Panguitch and is from the Riley Reynolds Norton and Olive Rachael Lee connection. Her mother was a miller and part Cameron. Coopers. Myers. That girl is related to everyone who stuck around Panguitch. Aunt Nerve and John spent their lives here too. Luann and I are checking out the John D. connection. And since Dave Lee is also from Granddaddy (great-great) John D., I discovered his line is John D. and Aggatha. But Harvey Parely, who owned the land Dave lived on, is from Caroline and John D. So how this other family line managed to end up with the land might be another story. Or they might have lived all together in the same house, who knows? Anyway Luann is all into the Lee's, Coopers, Camerons, Millers, and Reynolds. Interested in everyone. She sent some rare photos of a gathering at
the old Stake House. Steve had never seen it. He is trying to find names. I am very interested in the data gathered.

I have been to the care center several times. Parley Pratt from Escalante and Jack Gleave from Piute talk and talk. Parley has a rare wit. He says of his first wife, "I couldn't catch up with her close enough to have a kid." I think he was married a year. Jack's first wife died in childbirth and he says he missed her every day the rest of his life. They pass on information about the sheepherd...oh did you know they herded 1000 sheep down main street in Cedar a few days ago?
Livestock Days?, the old mining days, the hard work of ditch building, the sheep herd, and other such information.

My brother-in-law Floyd is not doing so well. He is 90. My brother-in-law on Tom's side will be 90 this Feb. He rides daily on his ATV. They try to tell people where they are going..his wife is 81 or case they wreck, we can find them. I seem to be endlessly collecting bits of history.

The Volleyball team from Panguitch took their 3rd in a row state tournament yesterday. The sirens of police and fireengines were out to welcome them home.

And Hallooween is today. We had a few spooks come by. Tom's friend Mark Orton was a huge big spook. He made us laugh.Opps! I meant the picture to go at the end.
It is last year's photo...Meadow, Drew, Wyatt, Katelin put there for Halloween! Oh well. My blog for today is finished.

Friday, October 22, 2010


This Fall there is a gradual changing color,
very beautiful. Changes every day.
It is election time. My neice Cheryl
is running for school board and will
consider the problems in our school district
seriously. She is in a different district, so
she won't get my vote.
Election - a new (Corroon) or old (Herbert)
govenor? Bennet lost already in the senate race
and others will take his place. I try to know
the candidates, but find I don't know them well.
They all want to improve the economy and
educate the children. Jim Matheson
does not want Utah to take in toxic seems like
everyone in the world wants Utah to dump their waste.
I don't want Utah the dumping ground for toxic waste. They do it now.
My son's mother-in-law who was the city mayor died
recently of lung cancer. Laurie Talbot took over.
She is good, but I miss Janet with the rest
of the city. Cedar City canditates banning the prairie
dog habitat as they are way too many. Utah papers never
seem to have a conflict with pro-life. Most voters
are pro-life. I have placed my votes.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

John D. Lee Homes

John D. Lee died before Garfield County was created
and documents filed at the Gargield County Courthouse,
so the exact ownership if his homestead is a mystery.
He gave four wives land and recorded that in Iron County
but the land was in the Utah Territory. I imagined, with his
children's children's children in Panguitch, I could find the spot.
I researched back each spot I was told to find that one of the children
did own the land. I wanted to know where his wife Caroline,
mother of twelve children lived. Caroline had moved to
Scutumpah with John D. before he died. When it was time to
go to Lee's Ferry, she was pregnant and in labor, so went to
Kanab to be with family. She returned to Panguitch.
J.B. Hildbrand, photographer, came to Panguitch May 31, 1934,
to record where John D. Lee was captured. He took the three pictures above..
the original and the add-on? Picture taken at the same time? Both were given to Utah Historical Society under his name. One may be the right house. The top one was chosen to be in the Centennial Garfield County book.
The other two houses, still standing in Panguitch, were suggestions.
I don't think either one is the right one. One of the oldest houses in
Panguitch has been turned into the William Prince Inn. William was married to
John D. and Aggatha Lee's daughter. One story is that John D. was buried in the
basement, not out in the cemetery where he has a hugh headstone. That was the original house, but it is brick which came to Panguitch years after J.D.'s death.
Did they cover the old log house with brick? There is also a headstone in Parowan and one lost up on the mountain, I hear.
I am only trying to finish a small part of my book. Lee's ggggrand daughter was here yesterday. She told me he had four wives. I said...No, 19. 19!!!! Why don't I know that? Four wives stayed with him after Mountain Meadows. Or 5. He had 50 children. Those wives worked hard to keep the children alive.
Since he is well-known in Morman history, I thought to record his part in creating the GSENM!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Walking in Sand

Out of Cliffnotes I came up with a new title for my book and a new picture for the front. Walking in Sand - my guide to the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument. This is the on the rocks of Boulder.
I also wrote a poem or two...this one is about a place Boulder, Utah...described as if no one had been there.

Even if you live in Boulder, Utah
you don't know anything about it.
You haven't heard Clyde cursing about
lost water or lost calves.
You didn't walk barefoot down a dirt road
to climb Thompson Ledge.
Anselm had never heard of or found the money cave
just a few feet lower on his Thompson Ledge.
You didn't talk to Irene at King's Store
or buy cans of food, Levis, grain, horse shoes,
bullets, salve for dehorning steers, candy
or sit drinking a coke in her arrowhead covered
You didn't walk up to the old school,
this very building, and be taught by
Rose Peterson or Aunt Nethella or
climb the School House Ledge at noon
to see where Darrell Moosman fell.
You didn't clmb that cut-down Cottonwood
to escape being touched by Strycnine or
You didn't ride Bender or Old Buttons
after herds of cows.
Boulder had those Bulberries to pick for jam.
You didn't tear apart milkweed or
walk down the board walk over mint to
the outhouse at Grandma King's.
You didn't go with J.C. fishing in streams
swimming in deep spots to let the fish
slip into your hands.
Or go to the Boulder Rodeo
right outside this window
where bulls bucked by your honking car
on down the road.
No, you haven't been to Boulder, Utah.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Novel by Ron Hall and Denver Moore

A very rich art dealer and a man raised as a sharecropper
come together at a dishing out food, one eating food.
The very remarkable wife of the art dealer, Deborah, brings
everyone together in so many remarkable ways. She is the exceptional one.
She brings out the exceptional in those around her. I am not going to tell you the story as it should be read by those who wrote and lived it.
I am only going to recommend that you do read it. It touches the heart.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Tom painted the wood with designs he has seen.
Boulder Heritage Festival will feature Anasazi this year
and we write..Boulder Cliff Notes this weekend.
My poem:


The Red Sun
Little black or red square men
One hundred hands
painted by those long ago
who also left storage houses
or cliff dwellings high
on red cliffs.
My breath catches
at the leaping goat
hanging on a high cliff
impossible to climb.
Were they painting for the Gods?
God of wind. God of water.
God of food that came only with seasons.
As a child, I rushed to see those paintings
left behind...climbing high as I could.
I picked up a black obsidian arrowhead
down by Lampstand, laying on sand,
and a perfectly made white spiked one
by the Monkey House under a Cedar tree
lying there in that exact spot
where I am walking on a rare outing.
I am endlessly curious about those
who came before me.
The people who lived where I stand
and touch my life.
And I wonder...
Can I, like the Anasazi, touch lives
beyond my time with my scratchings?
Oct. 4. 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Work

I started this quilt to teach
Meadow and Addison how to embroider.
I worked on it while watching tv.
We all had a package of six blocks.
when I realized that my blocks
were supposed to be sewed onto other blocks.
Could I stand to do that? I kept on..
We finished Addison's quilt. (pink)
We finished Meadow's quilt. (purple)
Mine? GREW. Until I had enough..
But, I'd have to QUILT the whole thing.
I do not believe in quilting...I tie.
Where were the Relief Society Ladies?
Oh, I quit church.
I planned to use Jessica and family..
but she moved. I put it on the frames.
I raised the quilt to one side
holding it agaist the wall with the couch
when I needed some room. I needed it
often. Tom went to the hospital.
It was there when we returned.
He cussed about trying to get around it.
Finally! Finished! After two months.
And who came visiting?
The Relief Society ladies...
President and counselors.
I don't even know why.
I was finished quilting.
I could have said...of course I need help!
I guess I'll keep this quilt
to remind me that I never want to quilt again.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Seven Arrows

This book is The People telling stories...about the Medicine Wheel, the Sun Dance, Seven Arrows and so much more. I do not know, exactly, what the stories are talking about, but many lessons are given. I was amazed by the many colors and designs of the Medicine Wheels and Shields. Each person discovers who they are and the name is put on the shield. Women learn about plants and the medicine wheel as well as childbirth, raising children, and their connection to men and the earth. I was fascinated by the stories, the pictures, the drawings..the information given in the book. I think we could all learn more about our connections to the earth, the stars, the animals and the four directions they live. I think this book is of great value...and I wish I understood the stories better. I can only learn more.

Monday, September 20, 2010


We returned from the hospital feeling a bit shakey and older..
The Rabbit brush is in bloom, onions had grown larger..
Flowers popped out we didn't know we had,
Leaves around town are turning color. Fall is in the air.
We are into the fall of our lives,
an interesting maze of emotional color streaks
through our everyday patterns...and we wonder.
how long we will be around.
I feel an urgency to get things done that can be done.
But want to laugh and talk and take time.
A curious mix of hurry up and wait...
And watch the days of fall slip by...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

In bloom

All the plants around the house are blooming...
just before they are frozen and are gone for the year.
I am happy to report that all my kids and grandkids are
safely back to their various I thought I'd feature
my plants when best dressed.
The lillies are gone, frozen.
The Russian Sage and Black-eyed Susans thrive.
I am 'resting' a bit from the come and go of Jason's family,
the funeral, tending dogs, everyone on an emotional rollercoaster.
Jason is going back to contacting people with job offers...
Jessica to her actual job.
The kids back to school and, I think, basically interested
in all the different happenings in their lives.
They'll be little Texans within a year.
Garret and Lynne got home and I had a great day at Volleyball games.
The family finished a shed for Lillian for her Birthday.
I will look forward to when anyone can come or I can go.
And maybe get to Boulder and get this book finished.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Red Cow

I loved this cow pictured in the Richfield Reaper.
Seemed like a perfect post..cow with flowers.
The cows are enjoying King's Pasture once again.
One had a fight with the barbeque grill...
Nothing like a cow to placidly enjoy
what is around her. A perfect change of pace.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Calli Lillies

I can't get my printer working,
so Calli Lillies will work today
for Janet's funeral.
As Mayor of Panguitch, she brought
to Panguitch Balloons and Harley
Davidsons on the same weekend...
So many are returning for a motorcycle
calvacade to the cemetery today.
One friend, who was driving from New York
to Maine, heard she died and turned
around, drove four days straight, and
is here. 15 or more are driving up from
her home country - Glendale, Orderville,
and Kanab, and everyone in Panguitch who
rides a bike. And there will be those
many customers that had food at the Flying M,
loving those giant cinnamin rolls.
Sad day for grandkids today.
May kids and grandkids be as active.
Mala and Lynne and Garret drove up
for the viewing last night. We enjoyed
them for a short time. Cheryl plans to
get to the funeral today.
As I've said before, she was far too young.
Janet will be missed.
(Doesn't Addy look like her as a young girl?)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Connie and Alfred - 60th Anniversary

Connie and Alfred were married on Nov. 8, which is also Connie's birthday. She turns 80 this year, but they were having it now when the family could gather without worrying about snow. Two of Geraldine's children weren't there and one of Shauna's.
Oh yes, one girl of Conrad's...he has two. We were surprised to see Karen and Ladell until we remembered the connection to Alfred. It was interesting to see all the family and all the kids. I didn't really know why we were there since we aren't immediate family...maybe because we invited them to ours. We sat by Martha, Cal and Carrie and had some good laughs. We brought along the old shed picture and the above picture of the Bailey girls...and the statue. Alfred said he was dressed in brown and Connie looked just like the grey. Connie said she was from Nov. to July older than you, Gerry. "Imagine, we will both be eighty within a year!" The dinner was pot roast and rib. Alfred paid..and the whole family was spending the night and going on a tour this morning. We asked them if they can hang in another 10 years...Alfred doubts it!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Color of Water

I finished this book by James excellent,
so well written about himself, his family and the racial issue.
Trying to understand himself, who he was, he wrote about himself,
his mother, his grandmother, and great-grand mother...discovering
them as he went wrote and talked to his mother who
didn't want to talk about it. He wrote about his father
musician and pastor of the church founded by his parents..
his step-father who took on eight kids after his father died
and had four more..and relatives and relatives and friends who stepped
in when they needed help with education and food.
This is a great book about America, blending of races and cultures,
and also the difficulties along the way.
It is about his mother growing up with an Orthodox Jewish father who
molested her and moved and moved and moved.
It is about living in the South, the Ku Klux Klan,
Black Power and killings while his mother
fell in love with a black who could have also been killed,
and had an abortion in New York, sent by her crippled mother.
A difficult homelife sent her to Harlem and finally
into the arms of her first kind husband.
She became Christian and helped her husband form a church.
They had a happy life and eight children when he died.
A second, also very kind happy man, stepped in to help
and they had four more.This is a book by one of the children
trying to understand her past, know where he came from,
and know himself. He discovers as he uncovers.
It is a book about Love and it's power to transcend
all difficulties.
About God, the color of water,
and how He touches lives.
The book was read by millions, became a icon in what
makes America great, is studied in schools
...and I just discovered it now.
I am touched. You will be too.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Camille's Sunflowers

Camille has her own sunflowers and flower garden.
Spectacular! She has to pick those weeds so there
is no interference.
Boulder is still Boulder.
The wind was strong enough to
break limbs which fell down almost on
Tracy's car. The sand whips up.
It was very green.
We drove up Thompson Ledge with Steve
in his four-wheel drive..marveling that we could.
Anslem, the artist, the photographer (60 books) and singer..
my recording artist said he was getting a dvd done for Anslem,
that he is well-known in Germany. My!
Dinner was hot and ready -enchilidas and salads and rasberry shortcake..
delicious! And the Brigham tea bush was there reminding
me of tea made in tin cans while we looked for deer mice. (cute)
We sat across from (Cheryl help!) who have moved to Salt Gulch.
I told them I was born there and he laughed out loud.
"Camille's Mother" and I are living history.
And the wind whipped. And the wind grew stronger.
Rather than kill the actors with falling poles and canvas
the play was called. Oh sad!
The Gods (and Raymond) spoke!
We will hope this play is picked up and
we have another time to go...before...
Boulder at harvest time looks busy and prosperous.
Plants are tall. Apples in the trees. Flowers bloom.
We enjoyed our time in Boulder.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Sunflowers on the Big Flat

I have never seen the Big flat so beautiful.
I could hardly believe my eyes.
We rushed to Boulder and King's Pasture
to get our old junk trailer ready to move,
paint the door, take some needed items,
clean a few things...took some time.
Bow hunters were on the mountain.
The deer were nervous.
Our doe has two fawn.
we returned, but I will head back
tomorrow to attend the play on
Thompson's Ledge and visit family.
A Wayne County man wants to meet in
Boulder to record poetry and song.
We'll see if he appears.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Sunflowers next to the post office in Panguitch
caught my eye..and this one pouring cement at Houston's old house.
Brady (Frank's son) bought it and tore half away.
People remodel, come home, move away..and I wonder
if I want to lift loads of stuff and move
or let someone else have to do it...someday.
Will anyone treasure our treasures?
Moving one load was work all day.
Times change.
People try something new.
We all may die and change everything!
Until then life is a challenge to find interesting
items everywhere.
I could maybe buy my old house in Boulder..
Wouldn't that be a horror to try to fix?
Or Tom's house in Escalante...a single woman lives there
that might be easier if she wanted to sell.
Or we could move to St. George and be hot in the summer
Or move to Central and buy that old house.
Why has all our old houses fallen into such disrepair?
Mother's Old Rock House is perfectly restored!
So I'm glad someone who loves old treasures
bought it. So I sit and ponder.
I have a new roof and new sewer system.
More years can slip by.
Panguitch hasn't bothered me too much.
I haven't bothered her.
We keep our places.
Don't rattle the cages of the tiger!
My work is where ever I go.
Tom is not standing straight
since we took one load to the dump.
More? We might spend our time in hospitals
instead of Panguitch. We might anyway.
So...I am enjoying the sunflowers.
Interested in the building.
Visit who I can.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

We two.

I dreamed I was entangled in a venture
of paint, water, and flowers
with my sister Linda. We were laughing
and throwing paint...I mean I was throwing
paint and she was making this picture
of wild swoops and dips and outrageous color.
Paint was in our hair..
covered our clothes...
a masterpiece was born
larger than life...
and we were having fun.

I woke wanting to laugh like that
with Linda, once more.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Wild yellow roses are...wild yellow roses.
How much are we defined by who we are?

How important is it that I was born out
on the remote ranch of Salt Gulch by a
midwife grandpa crushing my head by instruments?
Was that an important defining moment?
How am I to know?

My dad drank heavily. My uncles too.
When one uncle talked to spirits, I believed him
having seen a spirit myself leaving from his home
into the stars. Was that when his spirits and mine
intertwined and were real? He was crazy, and so was I?
When two sisters followed him into the mental hospital
stressed by life and life and life...many defining moments,
I thought that I would too. They came out, shocked at
being committed. I walked with them toward freedom.

I married the school rebel..who smokes like Dad..
who turned out to be not the rebel I thought,
I am more one than he. So he tries to hold down me.
We have four children, so precious and rare.
That holds my heart in their hands.
Each one carved defining moments for me.
They have children, my grand-children,
that are moments and moments and moments
for me.

I became a school teacher like my aunt..who was
practical in many ways. It is a good life, teaching kids.
They are endlessly entertaining, creative, energetic,
absorbing life and fun and joy.
I expanded my range. I enjoyed the moment.
I lived to enjoy. But I taught in a school that was sick.
My town abounds with fresh air and sunshine,
but the ventilation system to conserve heat cut off
that fresh air and we all suffered.

I was healthy and strong, so was shocked to learn
I had a rare pancreatic disease that had destroyed
my pancreas. It needed to be removed. The problem is so rare
that it's cause is unknown. From birth? From
growing up stressed? From a sick building?
Pancreas and spleen was removed and I was sent home
to live with diabetes on pig enzeyms.
I can do that...millions have diabetes.
As I grow older...72 now...I think of that operation
as a defining moment. A chunk of me gone,
affecting me in many, many ways.

We are defined by birth, by marriage, by children,
by health, by vocation, by spirit, by life
and most important by love.
Love in all its depth
its endless change
defines the moment of each day.
I am defined by love.

Friday, August 20, 2010


I knew little to nothing about Muhammad or the Muslim religion.
I chose this book by Robert Spencer to learn more.
I think he did an excellent job of making clear what Muhammad taught
as well as the impact of the religion that opposed both Jews and Christians.
I think he covered major differences and cleared up to me just what
and why the muslims can be extremists and move toward Jihad.
I do not know how to counter that extreme thinking that would be my death
in certain circumstances. I don't understand those that would kill me because
of my religion because I am not Muslim. Robert Spencer thinks we should
at least know what Muhammad taught and why his is the most intolerant religion.
I don't know what I can do, but I am listening.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fly Free

Spread your wings, Fly Free.
Dip and dive over the country wide
Spread your wings, Fly Free.
Soar, go high, dive bomb, glide. want change.
You need to try something new.
You want to know what is 'out there'
You want to do and do and do.

Soar. Spread your wings, fly free.

Old lover looking around the town
Old is old. Look for the new.
Hoping to find a new smile.
That will keep you happy for awhile.

Soar. Spread your wings, fly free.

Just want to try this and that.
So I don't miss those gone too much.
Keep busy and moving so I don't get fat.
Be steady, happy...go to lunch.

Soar. Spread your wings, fly free.

We all need to learn to fly
Go beyond. Go Up. Go Down.
Find just that thing that works for you
Enjoy your strut about the town.

Fly free.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The above picture is the first Utah State Building of Utah that is in Fillmore, UT.
Inside is the courtroom on the top level and many office rooms below. It is now a museum that houses many interesting old pictures and items used in pioneer days.
My Cousin Marion and I went over to look up our great-grandparents James and Isabella King. We found good pictures, one we hadn't seen before. They have information on many and numbers of books to sell. We also checked out the cemetery.
We had a good day tracing our ancestors. The picture in the blog is the top floor of the courthouse building. It seemed very familiar, like there was a party once that I attended. Odd. I don't remember anything at all.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mama in Fashion

I returned to the care center today
and stuck in the page where I volunteer
was this picture of Mama in hat.
I was very surprised.
I thought I'd share as it
made me smile. Mama
in her care center towel
apron and very fashionable hat!
Where it came from, I'll never know.
I thought she welcomed me back
to the world of the old and dying.
I talked to Grandma Crompton today,
Shayna's great. She is 93 and very
alert. David on his way to Iraq
worrys us both. We enjoyed our hour.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Reynolds' family took off this morning about nine. They were all crying, except Drew and he just looked worried. I am definitely feeling the 'empty nest'
today and will in the days to come. I just hope everything works out well and they find the move rewarding and interesting. I told Addie to think of it as a Great Adventure, which it certainly is. People moving is sort of earth shaking no matter who does it or when. We will miss them.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

New roof - new sewer hookup

Thank heavens for that! We paid for the hookup ten
or so years ago when the new system was put in Panguitch.
We never actually got the house hooked up
until yesterday. That Jason is covering all promises.
We bought the pipe for the line five years ago.
When uncovered, Tom was amazed that we
didn't have a completely clogged drain
as it certainly looked that way. I
was afraid we would have to dig it up in
the middle of the winter last year.
When I think of everything Jason has learned while building
houses, I am impressed. Building, framing, wall-board,
electrical, plumbing, cement in all forms...even to building
specially designed cabinet tops in colors and forms.
His graphics for the fire department, balloon fest,
and other events are note-worthy.
Austin, I hope, is looking for a new comic. He can carry a tune.
His volunteer work for fires or traffic accidents as well
as rescue in all forms is noteworthy. He is quite an
amazing kid. I will miss him along with his kids.
He entertains! He has enjoyed the fights with his dad.
He gets along with the people of the world.
I'm sure he will do well wherever he is.
I need to brag...I do have amazing kids.
He is one of four!

Saturday, July 31, 2010


Our boxes are filled with Marigolds this summer.
They don't seem to fade and die too soon. I like
that. All Tom's flowers are starting to bloom and
we have picked enough peas for peas and potatoes for
both us and Jason. Aspargras comes sparingly.
The onions will be great and beans are growing.
It won't be long until the growing season is over,
but I am enjoying every day. We love the Day
Lilies we got from Rolain. They come and go
and Lazy Susans are blooming. We are relaxing with our
flowers and completed half roof. Russian Sage is
blooming and the pine trees rustle in the breeze.
Summer is here. It's lovely.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Linda, you are underpaid!

This is the new quilt walk bronze statue
going up next to the bank in Panguitch.
$65,000 we paid.
The man throwing the quilt
is also standing on a bronze quilt.
I was told something about each of the
seven men who did the quilt walk
is included on the one man statue.
Interesting sculpture representing
our quilt walk...I'm sure the cost of
the bronze is impressive...but Linda,
I am sure you are not getting your just
due for the sculptures you made and are
making. The artist here may be a cousin
a Johnson who lives in Parowan.
He also did that bronze ram in front
of Parowan High School that I posted before.
The genes are right. Only the money for you
is lacking.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Dog days on the mountain

We had a few dogs join us today.
Jason and Lynne built the cabin
while the rest of us tended dogs.
Curevo is blind and deaf.
Lolo froze so tried to get into coats.
Sid sat on everyone.
Logan and Addison rode ATV's to the spring
and found the bluebells in bloom.
Gunner loped along with everyone,
in every direction. Boomer is a little
crippled..started out on foot,
came back on the ATV.
Abbey ran off...and we all looked
until she wandered back.
Jason kept six dogs close at night.
Mala two. Not much barking in the night,
but some at the other dogs. no seizures (Curevo).
We will all remember the dogs on the mountain!

We saw the deer and fawn coming out.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Jason

I don't know if the motorcycle was a
birthday present for himself...but
it has been enjoyed daily.
There have been trips everywhere.

I don't know if a move to Austin, TX
is a birthday present for himself...but
I hope it is a move the entire family loves.
And they will all enjoy exploring what's
new every minute possible.

No telling what might happen next...
and what another birthday will bring.
I hope joy and love and life...
for you and my other kids!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kids in Costume

Summer is the time to drag out old costumes,
perform all your talents, have tea parties,
and practice every stunt. Drew performs
from the door tops..only one small enough still.
Kids now nearing 50's will remember costumes
that fit grandkids now. Ahhhh, the days!
Summer fun. Summer travel. Summer...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dave Mac

I spent my day at the funeral for Dave yesterday. He was a year younger than my sister Linda. He ran with my husband's yungest brother Tony, who died suddenly of a heart attack just like Dave. All of the old buddies came. Stubby was there and talked about making saddles. Marvin was there although his wife has been very ill. Dave seemed too young...the youngest boy in his family.
The older brothers are still around. I didn't know that Dave was into having mules.
I know he had and rode horses all his life. The family loved racing horses.
But Dave's favorite was mules. He probably knew Reta's boy Russel...Prell loved mules. Dave did too. I enjoyed seeing his children and hearing what they had to say about Dave. Funerals remind that we all are closer to that day.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Boulder Festival - The Women

Those three bosses can make a joke of anything! But they are all up there...together!
The highlight of the festival was Cheryl, dressed up as Dora Black, reading or giving her poem topped off with Camille's song...which had everyone in tears, especially the Dora Black family..Roma, Vernon Dean, Renon and daughter, Colette and all of Cheryl's and Colette's kids were there. I hope you have the Women of Boulder book, so you can read the words to Cheryl's poem and Camille's song. I told them they could take it on the road..and they wanted to leave Sat. morning when the work was just beginning. Raymond wondered if they would listen to him about how hard 'taking it on the road' is. (I think they already knew that lesson from him.)
Vernon's joke about how ? was telling her boy ? that he wouldn't go to Heaven. He said he didn't want to go to Heaven. She said, "Why don't you want to go to Heaven?" "Because the only ones who will be there is you and Dorey Black!"
Dora certainly deserved a spot!
The very successful festival moved through the day with no hitches...oh, maybe one or two little ones. I thought my part went I told stories from my past about sisters and my adventures. I told how Grandmother Wilson was the writer in her family, Mother was the writer in her family, and Gerry was the writer in ours...and writers tend to keep everyone writing! Raymond was trying to do his part and Cheryl hers and I hoped my kids would soon step forward. Books need to be written.
Marion did a good job with Aunt Nethella and she had Dell there to do Lenora.
He has to know that his mother did her part for Boulder History. He had some funny stories to tell...about them all. Dixie acted very happy to be there part of Boulder history. She told how she and Lenora went to Hawaii and stayed with Mother who showed them around the island and they laughed and talked the whole time. Jerry did his on the midwives. I didn't make it to the artist hour because Boyd Griffin and Family sang that hour and I wanted to hear Boyd Jokes...which he told many as the songs were sung. Brian, Patricia, and Bill were there...but Bill had lost his voice. (been sick) They remembered Dean with 'bury me not on the lone prarie...right where he is!' Peg, Marty, and Clyde Ormand did the Ormand family...Grace had a birthday the day before and turned 99. We heard some interesting history on Ormands and Duels. Clyde is quite the talker...he wore the old bib overall. Raymond's singer friend from Austin was very good, the Faultline great, and many other entertaining singers. The festival lived up to it's name (whatever that is).
Clyde's Saddle got particular interest in that the company and saddle number was on the saddle. Some saddle expect was called and got excited about that saddle being worth money...we will have to put it into the museum of saddles! Diane did a wonderful tribute to her many friends in Boulder and served tea, lemonade, water and wonderful cookies. This was a festival to remember!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Boulder Festival

Cheryl is at the King place where another meeting is planned. Raymond is handling music. The Clyde King Saddle represents Camille! My goal for this year is to get those three planners in one spot and take a picture. Camille is not too visable, so I miss her all day and the other two are running around in every direction. I did take one of Camille and Doug that is too dark to see who it is.
As the festival begins tonight, I will miss the dancing with the man who no longer gets dancing. Too bad. That was fun. But I will arrive tomorrow for events.
I haven't heard if Marge is on her way. I do have a couple of good pictures of her!
I feel a little disjointed and wonder just how an hour will go on Saturday. I'm adding to my talk some about Mother as she was the writer in her family and was always busy writing something. Since Marion is talking about Aunt Nethella, her mother and Lenora, Mother should be there. I am interested in what everyone has to say. I will enjoy the festival. I'm sorry to miss those that won't be talk about their legacy. The books are written...the history is in the works.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jason and Kristy

On the back bike is Jason and Kristy on
The Harley Ride to help kids.
I printed it from a picture that was sent to
Jason (stole it) but I just wanted to feature
Kristy at this most difficult time for her.
Her husband Tim died after they signed up
for college at Dixie - suddenly,
shaking up the family.
They have a six-year-old boy.
Jason, on front, is her cousin...they
have become friends and see each other
on occasion. I am Jason's mom.
I felt bad for her to have her marriage
end so soon, leaving her to raise their son.
I hope she can rally and find her way.

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July in Boulder

The 4th is still happening in Boulder
The parade, program, food, and dance
that everyone hates to miss although most
of the people have changed.
My grandkids rode with Cheryl in the parade.
her grandkids did too. I hope her mom was
there with us too. I took pictures
for all of you who couldn't make it this year.
Do you think Lefair is telling us something?
The skeletons are part of his float.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lego Helicopter

"That's the wrong piece, Grandma."
"No. You put that in the wrong place."
My six-year-old is the expert.
I try to follow his advice
amazed that though he just learned to read
he has followed through
the book, piece by piece and has put
the helicopter together.
He checks how many he needs.
He counts the bumps to make sure
he is right. I just want to
throw it in...wrong!
I am impatient.
He patiently does the necessary work
and puts them in the correct spot.
Figures and numbers he knows.
He works hours beyond what I
think a six-year-old should
or even can.
I am impressed.
The work goes well.
Finished, the toy works.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Seer by the Sea

I so enjoyed Linda's new poetry book
published in San Francisco.
She creates images of the sea
living close to it, seeing it
smelling it, feeling it, daily.
I have been writing my blog in
sort of a lame poetic style as I
dash off this thought, that.
Do I think I am writing great poetry? NO.
Do I think I will become well-known? NO.
Do I think my images will catch someone's
mind and stand against time? NO.
Am I having fun? YES!
I am learning to catch a thought, an image,
a line on the go.
I do appreciate Linda's more careful
work to find the right line.
But I am enjoying dashing off this ditty
about my poor poetry and her better lines.
Neither of us are quite on par with Bukowski
who turned a poem to magic.
Each poet's words
catch the spark of who he is
What more can one ask?
Linda's poems in Seer by the Sea
captures her life by the ocean today.
All the poems roll together in
one book, one poet.
I loved the work done
and will read again
Seer by the Sea by Linda King.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Harley Parade

The above is Jason and Addison in the parade.
Panguitch Motorcycle Police form the four.
They were in constant motion with sirens and all.
Loved by everyone.
Meadow and Addie are selling girl scout cookies
and shirts...wearing their new colors.
Jason made the design on the shirt
but new vivid colors were added
and the logo moved, date added.
I missed Drew with his Grandpa Rick
in the parade...only caught the back.
This is the Harley part of the
Balloon Fest. I missed the glow..
couldn't force myself to walk downtown
after dark. I did want a picture or two.
I hoped the kids would call to get me moving.
I would have run into them, I'm sure.
Balloons rose again this morning...
and then they are gone.