Saturday, April 30, 2011

Night of Dance

Perfect name of a night of dancing. So many designs of motion.
Surprising how many images can be made in an evening.
More than I could imagine. Alica, my grandaughter was in eight
numbers, poetry in motion. She did a tap dance number.
I had no idea that she tap-danced. I was surprised.
Her cousin-aunt Annie yelled "ALICIA!" after each number
she was in. Soon the smile appeared.
Grandmothers just love to see their grandkids perform,
It's in the Grandma Code. That's what kids do, perform.
We just sit back and enjoy. That's what we Grandma's do.
It's part of the fun.
Yesterday I watched Logan play clarinet in the
school band. The middle-school band wasn't perfect,
but my grandaughter was. That's the Grandma code.
We just know that one is perfect.
I enjoyed Garret awhile back with his elementary choir.
He played accompanying guitar. Well, you know. You know.
My Shayna went off with Trilogy for her Region solo competition.
I expect a superior rating. Grandma's have a tendency to brag..
so I won't go on long. I have had some good, good days
this year!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bored old folks

Glade and Darlene were bored so decided to take a day's road trip over toward
the San Rafel country. Of course, they didn't tell anyone where they were going.
But then they decided to go to Loa over 1,000 Lake Mountain, so if they had told anyone they weren't in the right place. They ran into snow so turned off a road going to Cathedral Valley and ran into more snow. They followed someone's tracks
until they suddenly mired in and couldn't go anywhere. They were too remote for cell phone connection, so Glade decided to walk down the road until he could call.
He finally got through to someone who thought he was with Dale, so called Dale when they couldn't call back to Glade. Dale was at home in Provo, not down on 1,000 lakes Baker Road. He knew where that was, so called the Sheriff in Wayne County that he had a 90 year old man and 84 year old woman stuck in a snowbank. They went looking and when no one had found them before dark, called out the Jeep Posse.
A man on a snowcat finally found them at 2 A.M. In the meantime, Glade has walked back up through the snow to the jeep. They were loaded in the snowcat and brought off the mountain. The sheriff hauled them to was now 5 A.M.
Glade called Paul Neimeyer who has a winch on a wrecker and they set off the next morning to bring the Jeep home. They were able to winch it out of the snowbank and get back down the road. Glade called Dale to let him know he was home
and while on the phone fainted dead away. Darlene grabbed the phone...Dale was more than alarmed...and called 911 and Glade was rushed to the hospital. He was diagnosed with dehydration and exhaustion and kept in the hospital overnight on oxygen and IVs. We talked him after we got home from Cedar. He was home, still very tired. He said Dale called everyone in the state, but got them off the mountain. Darlene was wondering, left alone on the mountain for three or four hours before Glade returned, if anyone would find her.
We are very happy the old people lived through their ordeal and hope that they will refrain, at least, from trying to go over snow-covered mountains when bored.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Strolling History

My grandaughter had an assignment to write a poem about a picture that was posted.
Imagine the picture on white paper, the house white...not pink. Click on the poem, then click again will be big enough writing to read easily.
The poem is hers.
Shayna graduates in May. She has been part of a singing group called
Trilogy at Pine View High School the past three years. An ending is coming
with graduation and a new beginning with College. She made one B+ in all high school
classes. I am so proud of her work, her poetry, her singing, her sharing.
I went by pictures with her to Europe (England, France, Germany) last year and enjoyed every minute! I think I'll see if I can join her friends going to Spain
this year through the school. I love what the schools are doing to share with
parents now. Many special events are recorded. I am hoping for a singing DVD
soon to keep forever! I thought you'd enjoy a big of high school fun.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


I am just trying to regroup this morning and get my ducks in a row.
I don't know exactly what that means, but...
I am planning a trip to Texas in two weeks, a bit more.
Have to get medication lined up, in order...and figure out what I
need to take for us all to do, if anything. I'll have to see what my
grandkids have. I am looking forward to seeing those kids.

My book on the Grand Staircase needs what? We are on our last look through, I hope. I am looking forward to publishing. People are calling
to order the books I don't have. Camille called and said two guides ;
from Wayne County want one or two. Mala called and said she wanted one or
two for teachers. A few people have asked me. But I've got to get them
done..ready to go. I keep thinking I should include an index. Cover?
Spiral or not? Color pictures or not?

What else? Shall I keep going through the Clyde King book, correct errors?
Maybe so. I am also including a paragraph on Grandpa King's brothers and sisters.
What about all the kids? Enough?

What next? My own history? Oh my what a lot of stuff! Gerry is doing hers, polishing as she goes. It's something of a miracle! She is writing down her story
that many don't see the same way...but she is writing it down. It is happening after so many years of thinking and thinking.

Marge's death tugs me in unexpected ways. I am still trying to recover from the suddenness, not expecting death for a foot surgery. If she would have stayed overnight in the hospital, she might have been saved. Who stays overnight for a
extended-day surgery anymore? But if she had a stroke, the saving might have been hard too. So a quick death might be better for her. Who expects a quick death anymore. When a sister goes, she leaves a hole...that's for sure. I am not ready to ask her what she is doing over there when I am not sure what I am doing here.
I feel it is important for me to take direction for myself. I do hope my sister LaRae is looking after her. I hope Floyd, her husband who died the next day, is finding himself too.

Tom is walking around with his wound-vac. It's a machine that vacuums out the drainage and closes up a wound. He found a belt so he can carry it around and said he would find a peice of baling wire to tie the tubing to his leg so it doesn't flop around. He said, "I'll look like an old farmer tying himself together. If I didn't have a bad leg, I couldn't do all this." I had to laugh. Is that positive thinking about your bad leg or what? Well, maybe not exactly positive, but funny.

Our son-in-law was here yesterday...attending a funeral of a young friend only 27, who lost a leg in a mower accident. His nickname is Legger. They don't know what actually happened to him. His Dad Kyle is also in bad shape. When severe accidents happen to the very young, it's tragic. Helps you put your life into perspective. Lynne took some time to spray weeds. We appreciate that.

This is a blog trying to regroup and move along. Slowly.

Monday, April 11, 2011


I needed something green and have no picture of Alfalfa fields.
King Pasture deer and green forests work.

I dreamed last night that Marge was walking down through very, very
green alfalfa fields on the Salt Gulch Ranch. She was breathing
deep, her lifelong asthma troubles gone. She strolled along
in one of her short sleeved white shirts and pedal pushers with thongs;
the wind drifting through longer hair.

It made me feel better,
She came to Boulder with her breathing machine,
always with medication to take if a real
asthma attack happened.
Knowing she no longer had that problem
was so positive...finding out what it's like
to breathe, without stress, again.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Wolf in the Parlor

Jon Franklin is the winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Explantory Journalism...and this book explaining how the wolf became the dog and human's favorite animal. He marries and his wife talks him into a large-size poodle. He had never been one for animals, but the dog comes and sits by him and soon he pays attention. He takes him for walks and learns from the dog, seeing things he's never seen before. He begins a quest on evolution and how the dog came about to be in his parlor. His study is fascinating. He uncovers one person's diggings that puts the dog and man together about 12,000 years ago. Other animals have books, but not the evolution of the dog. While he is discovering, he writes what his pet dog does...he writes about the how he acts, his smell, what he hears...and the eyes of humans, there perception of color. So many facts that entwine the dog and his human companion and how much they support the other. The dog's devotion. The dog's training. The dog's need for simplicity. What the dog does when reacting to man. This book is one of the most fascinating books every written about a pet. I was impressed. Franklyn talks about people in very practical ways. I even sent some words of advice off to others.
I recommend this book to anyone who loves a dog and wants to understand him. It is outstanding.
My pet Taz (above) acts just like a dog! I would have enjoyed reading this book when he was alive.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Moving sluggishly

The flowers above are some Marge brought for our 50th Wedding Anniversary. We planted and enjoyed them all summer. They are annuals, at least here. It is hard to pull back from death and move on with determination to do what you can do before you also depart. I am hoping the family can pick up and move on, working and helping others the best they can in the time they have. Life is fragile. We need to protect and embrace it. And get about the business of living (line from Shawshank Redemption).
I decided to show you Tom's leg...he still has staples here. The staples were taken out, but the incision opened up and now it looks infected somewhat. He has had about 7 procedures, 3 or 4 operations on the leg. We are hoping to see his doctor when we go to St. George tomorrow. He is also seeing a back surgeon to discuss possibilities there. He is in pain in his leg, his foot, his lowerback, his neck. Oh groan!
Marge and I had fun having work to do, in spite of her pain. She had cronic pain too. She talked through it. She, like Tom, couldn't sleep. Linda called her in the night. I will miss her, but Carry On! I will soon change the subject, but she and LaRae are always close. Seems like too many sisters on the other side.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Touches of grief and love

I decided not to use a funeral picture, but keep this one of Marge.
The wreath was for the casket was very beautiful.
The Boulder Cemetery was covered with weeds and thistle.
Chairs were placed on poor mama's grave.
Marge was placed just down from her first husband.
Just up from her daughter Carmen. Perfect placing, I thought
in the available room. Boulder hills circled.
Floyd's children and grandkids come, wondering, I'm sure,
why she would want dirt and weeds to lawn in Santa Clara.
She came home.

Her family gathered - happy to have her be part of them once more.
Wishing they could have had another day, another visit.
They can all visit when they come to Boulder.
LaRae's kids and grandkids came, as did mine, Linda's, and Gerry's.
Gerry could not come..we missed her and the others who didn't come

Scott Burns flew in from Washington D.C.
carried a bouquet of red roses from J.Harlan Burns, deceased.
Said his father made him come, and so surprised the family.
Marge loved Joe some 50 years. She met him as a young nurse
after he fell down the mine shaft and became paralyzed.

Floyd's lawyer gave Marge a nice tribute on her care for Floyd
during Floyd's furneral.
Marge's grandkids gave glowing tributes to both she and Floyd.

Max drove from Phoenix, Claudia from St. George, Gary and Carolyn
and family from Las Vegas, Renae got caught in a blizzard so didn't
make the nice for them to come.

Raymond and Baby also came from Phoenix. Raymond sang.
Cheryl made a wonderful Marge disk and I want a copy.
Pictures of Marge with Camille's songs.
Camille sang her song for her mother and it was
so beautiful. It left everyone in tears.

Bishop Lefevre conducted and said many words wrong.
He is dyslexic (trouble reading) and says he can't improve without reading!
Camille joked later that she thought she was at the wrong funeral.
His stories about knowing Marge were great.

Kate's dad came for her.

Glade and Darlene (my 90-year-old brother-in-law and wife came)
as did my friend Rolain with Sandra, Cousin Marion and her daughter
and old friend Marilla. Renon came for Raymond.
Larry and Carol and Vard and Farlan
We saw Edith (Lyman), Thresa Coombs and Loya (Lyman)came
And Marge's friends that she worked with in St. George..many.

There many touches of kindness.
Gestures of love. Of appreciation.
My sister Marge is on the other side.
My sisters Gerry and Linda are ready to be mediums
as much as they can; what she wants.
Marge stepped on and left us.
LaRae stepped on and left us.
We will learn what we can.
Before we step on.