Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Grandma King's House

I was startled to see
this picture of the
painting LaRae did
of the old King house
emmersed in white light.
She was there on
the historical walk
with the Boulder Festival
insisting I know it.
I knew
family past and present
joined us
linking our spirits
to move us toward
each other and them.
Joy lurked amid
sorrow for rash acts
and early death.
painted in white light
the way
for us all.
A painting
within a painting
the creative
that awaits.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cows in Pasture

I like cows,
but not in my pasture
breaking in
wanting food.
I can't afford
a horse all winter
to keep cows out.
My legs won't run
them out.
Don't have cash to
build the fence each year.
Can't find a builder
of fences.
Don't like poop
on my doorstep.
My Scotch nature
is against free feed.
What to do???
Good Question!
I like cows.
I like cattlemen.
I like them
Somewhere else.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


It's just an ordinary saddle.
I found a picture of my grandfather
using it on his horse.
Dad must have inherited it.
Rode long hours over
mountain and desert trails,
herding cattle.
He hauled it to Phoenix
and left it behind in the shed.
We used it as long as
Cracker was alive, 32 years.
Brought it to Brooklyn, Central,
Panguitch...where our horse died.
It sat...until The Boulder Festival
Saddle Show and my neices and
nephews asked for it.
Made it there the first year.
My nephew lost his dad that winter
who wandered off into the desert
and was not found.
I forgot Clyde's saddle
the next year...
I didn't remember
to load it up.
We were camping on
the mountain.
Husband was mouthy,
Nephew called names.
Tempers flared and
fists clenched.
Enmity born.
The saddle bore the weight
of tragedy, of pain, of loss.
It's a good, strong saddle
and has carried loads
for many years.
Clyde's Saddle has been at
The Boulder Festival
We know the work
it has done.
It holds together our
Western Heritage of
Cowboys and
good cattle stock.
We heal the breach.
We know each milestone
takes work. We work.
And we laugh.
We are part of them all
Part of each other.
My hope is to put
Clyde's Saddle to work
borrow, buy, rent
some nag and
let grandkids herd
the cattle boarding free
right out the gate
and down the mountain,
just like the good
old days!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Elephant Bird

I found the Elephant Bird

for Linda

whose spiritual elephant

sends messages trying to

move her in the right direction.

I haven't touched it

afraid a knife

would remove

the image...

it sits by her Old Man

in the window

waiting for her


If I mail, it might break.

I re-read The Elephant Chronicles

poems about her elephant

and wondered...

Is the elephant pounding

the surf...

trumpting louder than

the sea?

Is it calling for JOY

to land in her gut

to bring delight to her soul?

This forest bird flies

from King's Pasture to

the edges of the earth

winging down to your hand.

With Love.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Forest Creatures

The old man of the forest
A vase for flowers
A turtle, a bird
a knothole that sort of
looks like something,
we carve and scrape
and cut.
Forest People emerge
and we laugh
imagine what they say
what they do
as they appear.
New ones arrive
Old ones lost
that didn't work
after all.
The dog chewed two.
One was ran over.
Another burned by mistake.
They are out there...
hiding among the trees
waiting for discovery.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Mountains formed and water flowed downhill to carve out varied and stark canyonlands. Where water refused to go, deserts bloomed only with rain. All the parts of the earth forever linked in form and growth...and we came to carve out our place linking all parts in human flow.
Many think too much human flow. We grasp greedily to live among death, destruction, and war...often sure our way is the only way. We are linked by our need to survive and we formed larger groups, cities, states, and countries. We banded together against the other. Now our whole world is linked together by peoples, business, religions, and politics. The world of humankind is family. The world of animals need us to survive. We need to fight starvation, disease, hate, destruction, and war together. Linking--new ways to understanding and communication. One person can't do it all. All peoples will need to form new bonds and link in new ways.
So how do I, a grandma, do this? The internet is a marvelous tool that reaches so many.
I want my grandchildren to the past and present and on into the future and enjoy each moment while doing it. I want to take myself, in my own time, and reach out to your time. I will reach out and link!

Monday, July 6, 2009


I dragged myself up to go swimming today
at Panguitch High School pool
only to find the door locked.
I needed to work my muscles
stretch my limbs
flow in the warm water.
It will be closed this week
while they redo the gym floor,
so people can't breathe noxious fumes.
"Where were you this morning?"
"Locked out. You were there?"
"Yes, it felt so good. Frank went
out and locked the door, not thinking."
It's not easy to drag youself out
to be at the pool at 6 A.M. -
worse when you do and
can't get in.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Family Gathering

It has been some time
since we gathered...
4 children, 9 grandchildren
in-laws..only one missing.
on top of Boulder Mountain
cabin, partially built...
no electricity
no working cell phones
no computer
there...with ourselves
and each other...
to entertain ourselves with
stories and song
ATV's and hikes..
to Lower Calf Creek Falls
to Coyote Caves and Money Cave
on Thompson Ledge
I try to make them understand
how my childhood differed...
how our land reached
all the way to the ledges.
three Ranches - so much work.
The potato patch was a field, not a garden.
Dad had us grub thistle on our cabin land..
feed cattle all winter on the hay we grew all summer
the weeding, the watering, the mowing, the cutting
the baling, the branding, the dipping, the shots,
we escaped work by running to the top of
Thompson Ledge.
My grandkids play games by
the hours on computers and ipods,
watch movies,
text friends...everything with a phone.
I shared a trip to Europe with my granddaughter
and her cell phone.
My phone number was three shorts and two longs.
I could call a friend when everyone in town
quit talking...
I want them to know somewhat my life.
I want to know each child's life
and somehow bridge the past and present
with strong bonds of family
strong bonds of love
tying past, present, and future

Family Gathering

Back Home

I hiked sandstone ledges
jumped over on the Toadstool
climbed in Moqui houses.
I drove cattle through towering red cliff canyons,
cahsed a wild steer all day
before driving him out of The Gulch.
I swam and dived off the ledge at Upper Calf Creek Falls
escaped a flash flood that drove rock and logs over the ledge
and watched seven falls dropping, without us.
A truck and trailer slid backward off the Burr Trail
and rolled down nine switchbacks.
I chased wild horses in a yellow jeep near
Wild Horse Mesa in the Circle Cliffs and
looked for snakes in the Sjinikhole when
camped near Woulverine and Silver Falls.
I hiked Death Hollow Trail where my grandfather fell
holding only to Old Pat's bridle to save himself.
I swam the Colorado River at Hole-in-the-Rock,
saw the steps the Pioneers made to lower wagons by rope,
and danced at Dance Hall Rock.
I slitered and slioped through Spooky Gulch
told ghost stories by campfire
and crept back through when the moon was high.
I rode Hog's back and on to Escalante
seven school years.
I am Kanyonland King
Back Home...