Friday, December 31, 2010

Bryce Canyon Puzzle

I gave this puzzle of Bryce Canyon to each family
to remind them of 'home'...very hard puzzle
too many peices look exactly the same.
(We just live close to Bryce Canyon.)
Lola, the dog, sneaked two pieces to chew on
that happened to fall on the floor.
The spots. This puzzle reminded me of
all the Christmas complications...and
the changing dynamic's of family.
One family has a preemie to pray for
as he struggles to grow, eat, and be.
We hope that little one will improve daily.
Yes, we had missing family members who
didn't want to come or brave the winter weather.
My husband drove himself to Emergency for spasms.
He is still very weak from having them hit.
I attended the family party and left him all alone.
While I had a great time, he was miserable.
Rain fell and fell and then came the snow with a blizzard,
snow piled everywhere. We had electricity go out.
Our son brought his family from Texas to
have a fun Christmas in the ...rain. Snow fell
after he left. Some had to work instead of play.
Another Christmas gone...and I'm a year older
as my birthday comes the day after.
72 isn't old, is it?
We have the New Year to celebrate.
Everyone avoid roads and possible
accidents. And do have
A Happy New Year!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

American Indian Tree

Colette has collected many very unusual items
that she puts on her American Indian Tree each year.
Look closely to see the plates, the teepees, the skin
ornaments, the speciality items...each one specially
bought for this lovely tree each year.
The Indian rugs and pots around the room compliment the tree.
An added addition on her table sits a sculpture
made by Kade. He must have some hidden Grandma Rae talent.
Appreciate and enjoy while you pray for the little boy, Kylar?
Only 2.9 lbs. He is fighting for his way in the world.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Above is my stick santa hidden in my
ten-year-old-at-least fake poinsetta,
waiting for Christmas.
My youngest son and family will be on
the road from Texas today, and I will
worry until they get here.
My younger daughter and older son live
near St. George where the Virgin and Santa Clara
rivers are close to overflowing the banks
and with more inches of rain on top of the
fifteen they have now may overflow and erode.
Dams are threatning to break...6 or 7 houses
have washed away in Littlefield, so today
I'll wait to find out if the rainstorms are
too much. They plan to travel here on
Christmas Day. Both have homes away from
the river, but they have helped others with
sandbags yesterday. It looks like a rainey day
out my window.
My sister Gerry's granddaughter went into surgery.
We don't quite know why, but she is waiting to hear.
There have been so many deaths from accidents
in the storms..snow north, rain south...
I am waiting for people to slow down and avoid wrecks.
I think of all those people in Europe waiting at
the airports to get home...many won't and
they will wait out the storms.
We are all waiting for Santa!
That's a plus. I can't wait for Sanda
to come for grandkids because they
can't wait! For today...we are all waiting.
And you, also waiting, in Washington
drive carefully on the roads. Keep safe.
We will enjoy what comes.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Great Comfort

We live our lives in comfort.
The electricity goes out and there is
no heat, no stove, no coffee pot, no
toaster, no vacuum, no can opener, no
washer or dryer, no tv, no COMPUTER so
FB is lost, Family site is gone,
blogging is out. I have a pen and paper.
I have a book. I have myself.
but so much that makes me comfotable is gone.
I am cold. I do have a fireplace, but
haven't stacked wood. I am unprepared
to go back to life as a pioneer.
The electricity came back on and
comfort seeps. Someone had to tromp
through the snow to work for me.

I watched on 60 Minutes how our states and
counties, along with our government, are going broke
and think of all we have...schools, teachers,
buses, roads, forests, fish, game, hospitals and
medical personel, care centers, health clinics,
so many things paid or subsidized by our taxes.
We expect much and expect people to run our
government and money well. We expect honesty.
We expect hard work. We expect people with principles
to do the best they can. We aren't careful ourselves.
Spend freely. We don't keep tabs on others.
We want to do what we want to do. And when
those in government do what we do, we scream
and wonder why?? They had opportunity.
So now can we all tighten our belts
and pay as we go? Ouch, that hurts.
But do we want to be without electricty?
I don't. I know how that feels.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas complexities

A Christmas flower from a calendar.
A reminder of beauty and wonder
a time of peace.
Our sons, cousins, friends, family
fight in Afganistan...each day one
sends a Christmas greeting to his
special family in Utah...
each day there are more wounded,
more killed and our hearts are broken.
The children are excited, sending letters
to Santa, published in the Reaper.
"Dear Santa, how ar yr rendir?"
So many families need help for their
children. So many families are hungry.
So many orphans around the world.
How do we fill their stomachs and
provide a more stable economy?
Christmas always reminds us of those in need.
Our men are strong. Our men provide.
Our men support...until they can't.
Or they turn to drugs and violence.
They become angry and small wars
erupt in families all over the world.
Men join gangs and kill.
Our lives are threatened.
What are we missing?
The rich want to hold on to their wealth.
The poor want to be rich.
There is less middle ground.
Everyone is angry. Road rage is rampant.
Our women nurture. Our women hold out
loving arms for tired and crying children.
Our women love.
Yet will turn on their own,
Killing children not yet born.
Beating themselves up for abortions.
no longer knowing how to love.
Learning it is okay to kill...children.
So maybe killing isn't so bad.
Living children can be frustrating.
Moms and Dads are angry.
Will the children go away
Where anger rests in the secret heart?
Christmas. News. No money.
Too much money. No time. Too much time.
How do we really relate on FB?
How can we love when no one is there?
How do we reach out to living souls
or are we becoming electronic souls?
Christmas. Complexities.
Where is the beauty? The heart?
Love strings threads through us
all...we can't let them break.
Find those fiber-optic threads
that bind. Love.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


This is a dance concert I attended at Tuacahn High School put on by the dances, including my grand daughter. I was very impressed. Tuacahn is an Arts school that has no sports program as they do only music, dance, and performances. The soloist that performed plans to attend Juliard. She was exceptional.
I was amazed at my granddaughter's training as I seldom get to her performances. She prefers family stay away as they makes her nervous, she claims. I was happy that her other grandmother and cousins came too. My sister came with me. I told her that anything I find out about that is open to the public, I might sneak in.
She did greet us all after the performance.
It is impressive to see so many students in a dance concert and have it done so well. They work very hard..most in eight or nine numbers as well as choreograph
their own. They don't allow pictures. I was hoping they might do a dvd for parents to own. That would be fun. I would buy one. When students really want to be performers, where could they find a better school than Tuacahn? I know Alica has had lessons for years and it shows. So many of the student dances are obviously also well trained. I came away from the concert thinking that Bouldless was a great name for the show, wishing I was closer and could be a better part of her life.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


This is an older picture of a doe
enjoying our house and yard.
We haven't caught a picture of
the Buck.
It came and attacked our bush
probably trying to remove horns,
and put on the ground three large
garbage bags of limbs beat into
small pieces. Tom, usually up late,
missed this attack on the bush
outside the window.
He's hoping to catch sight of
the buck. Deer wander at will
through our yard. The cat
makes no noise. Our dog is gone.
Unusual events happen
wherever we are. Enjoy them.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Real bison in Kanyonland

Who could resist this real picture
of a real bison wandering
down though the canyon south
of Teasdale, UT?
It's December. Of course it's snowey.
I thought of Rolain's great grandpa
Ephraim K. Hanks who killed
a single buffalo and saved
the handcart pioneers years back.
He was a Wayne County pioneer.
And mother and dad, looking for
buffalo on the Henry Mountains,
came upon a huge old bison.
Dad said he knew it was the one
they heard about that
charged and smashed into trucks
ruining radiators, leaving men stranded.
It stood in the middle of the
road bellowing and snorting.
They sat quietly, hoping to be ignored
until he calmed down and passed by.
They didn't honk, as that seemed to
enrage him, they'd heard.
All stared eye to eye,
then the old bull moved on.
And they returned to Hanksville
So seeing this picture in the
Richfield Reaper..reminded me
of old wild tales of Buffalo and men.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Future

December Sunrise outside my door.
As I grow older there are more of those
breathtaking moments, there and gone.
This is one of changing color.
Christmas Future sees me sometimes
on the road, sometimes not.
I plan to stick around for more,
but then one day I will move on
into the sunset set here, sunrise there..
and greet others gone before,
I comtemplate the value of my days.
Did I do enough?
Linda talks of the homeless
not being her; not me either,
so how do we balance our great wealth,
our comfort, our ease?
What should we being doing
for the greater good as we move
forward? We are where we are,
so what now?
How do we take bold steps.
Finish what was started.
Make what we do worth the effort.
And brighten each Christmas Future
as we leave behind our legacy.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Present

This Christmas I am waiting for grandchildren to come home
from Texas. They have had a traumatic year.
As school ended here in Utah, the family
decided to move by the next school year.
Promises made to return for Christmas.
Summer was spent in packing and playing
with cousins and friends.
With plans made and boxes piling up,
their other Grandma was diagnosed with cancer.
She insisted no plans be cancelled,
but what an added stress as doctors found brain tumors
and other signs of advanced cancer.
My family moved in time to start school in Texas.
Their Grandma died the next month.
so loaded themselves and three dogs
and came home for a unique and large funeral
for the mayor of Panguitch
complete with a motorcycle calvacade.
Having moved to a house in Texas, they
soon planned to move into another house
which they cleaned, fixed up, and painted.
I don't know if that job is complete or if
they are still half in, half out.
But it is time to keep promises of coming
'home' for Christmas, so with three dogs
and three kids the trip is planned and
will be made.
I am the grandma they left behind
having tended all three up until school,
filling in sick days and vacations.
So they are greatly missed.
I am looking forward to
Christmas Present
to see their loved faces
once again.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Past

This is my dog Gomez to help
me remember Christmas Past.
He has been gone years.
As a child, very young,
I got a doll which wasn't
as fascinating as the books.
Anne of Green Gables, Tiger Roan,
Black Beauty, The Christmas Carol,
Where the Red Fern Grew, Old Yellar,
Wildfire, Toby Tyler, the books
were always there and I couldn't wait
to sit and read.
Mom liked reading too.
Dad usually found a bottle that day,
so lay around passed out.
He was a good one to sneak by
and go read.
Our animals had to be fed with or without him.
We looked for kittens in the hay.
and took the rounds in the fields
throwing hay to penned heifers.
We could run around seeing what
our friends got that day,
and eat some homemade candy or desert
at their house.
We'd gather to ice skate on our pond.
We'd sleighride down the hill
to Grandma's house for dinner sometimes
if Dad could make it.
Grandpa King would recite poetry
by the fireplace at night.
We'd ride back home in the powerwagon,
happy with another Christmas day.