Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lego Helicopter

"That's the wrong piece, Grandma."
"No. You put that in the wrong place."
My six-year-old is the expert.
I try to follow his advice
amazed that though he just learned to read
he has followed through
the book, piece by piece and has put
the helicopter together.
He checks how many he needs.
He counts the bumps to make sure
he is right. I just want to
throw it in...wrong!
I am impatient.
He patiently does the necessary work
and puts them in the correct spot.
Figures and numbers he knows.
He works hours beyond what I
think a six-year-old should
or even can.
I am impressed.
The work goes well.
Finished, the toy works.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Seer by the Sea

I so enjoyed Linda's new poetry book
published in San Francisco.
She creates images of the sea
living close to it, seeing it
smelling it, feeling it, daily.
I have been writing my blog in
sort of a lame poetic style as I
dash off this thought, that.
Do I think I am writing great poetry? NO.
Do I think I will become well-known? NO.
Do I think my images will catch someone's
mind and stand against time? NO.
Am I having fun? YES!
I am learning to catch a thought, an image,
a line on the go.
I do appreciate Linda's more careful
work to find the right line.
But I am enjoying dashing off this ditty
about my poor poetry and her better lines.
Neither of us are quite on par with Bukowski
who turned a poem to magic.
Each poet's words
catch the spark of who he is
What more can one ask?
Linda's poems in Seer by the Sea
captures her life by the ocean today.
All the poems roll together in
one book, one poet.
I loved the work done
and will read again
Seer by the Sea by Linda King.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Harley Parade

The above is Jason and Addison in the parade.
Panguitch Motorcycle Police form the four.
They were in constant motion with sirens and all.
Loved by everyone.
Meadow and Addie are selling girl scout cookies
and shirts...wearing their new colors.
Jason made the design on the shirt
but new vivid colors were added
and the logo moved, date added.
I missed Drew with his Grandpa Rick
in the parade...only caught the back.
This is the Harley part of the
Balloon Fest. I missed the glow..
couldn't force myself to walk downtown
after dark. I did want a picture or two.
I hoped the kids would call to get me moving.
I would have run into them, I'm sure.
Balloons rose again this morning...
and then they are gone.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Balloon Festival from my yard

The Balloon Festival in Panguitch is underway.
I went outside with my coffee and took pictures.
I thought you'd enjoy the sight from my door.
I enjoy waking up to something different,
something unusual, Smoky Bear.
I'm having a problem...I can't seem to post
Smoky...but he is floating close by.
In the top picture, the balloon came down
to let off some passengers
and pick up more then floated off.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Soul of the Dog

Soul of the Dog by Jon Katz
is an excellent discussion
on the well as the
souls of other animals.
The above is Taz..the last
picture I took before he died
and the one in water he loved.
(He dived for rocks...would stay
under looking for one an amazing
long time.)
My question is: To have a personality
does an animal need a soul? Does the
personality emerge by instinct? If so,
is it instinct that gives all living humans
that same personality? In my thinking..
I would combine personality with a soul
rather than that token
all animals have souls as they definitely have
distinct personalities. If personality is part
instinct, then do people have souls?

My dog Taz was not nearly as smart
as my dog Turk, same breed,
but he was much funnier. He acted out jokes.
He made me laugh. Boz, same breed, could smile
but he was primal and turned to killing sheep.
Taz would run from a sheep (not having seen one).
Don't forget Jerk (twins named Turk and Jerk)
who was a gentle giant German Shepherd with
kids, but turned mad at the smell of a skunk.
He had a great life following kids around.
Meeting Keno, the giant Cat, was a dangerous
experiment, while Kat just looks on.
We had Honey, a sheep, for nine years.
She followed kids around..and Folly, a fawn,
that jumped on the bed. Each had a distinct self.
Each had personality. Each had a soul.

What more can I say? Read Jon Katz
Soul of a Dog and decide for yourself.
It is absolutely good reading!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dad - Father's Day

My dad died in 1968.
I don't have a picture
of him on Hank
with boots, spurs and hat.
So this one works...
I brought the wild dead steer
up from the lower country
that had run for eight years.
Dad stuffed the head and carried
it around for a few years.
Dad loved horse races.
Dad built a huge cabin type house
in Phoenix not far from the track.
Dad was divorced by my mother
after 35 years.
Dad was a drunk.
My sister thinks he was gay.
I didn't see that growing up
but I wasn't looking.
He spent years off riding for cattle.
I worked with him.
We got the jobs done.
In Phoenix, I lived in a trailer next door.
Dad went to the races...I didn't.
He died when in the bathtub of a stroke.
My sister found him.
I lived in his cabin house
and had doors open and close..
his ghost, they say.
I thought he visited often!
Still does upon occasion.
Happy Father's Day, DAD.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Swim Lessons

This is 'free time' at the pool.
Just thought you might like
a look at my second home.
We have more this year than
last..too many kids per class
in the lower classes,
not quite enough in deep water.
It's not easy get through
all the skills to pass.
Meadow had to help yesterday
as too many were to Girl's Camp.
It's interesting to try to get
swimmers from all over
Garfield County...a two-hour drive
one way, just for lessons.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Last House?

This may be the last house
my son as Ken and Ren Construction
builds in Panguitch.
He is dashing off to Austin, TX
to have more fun and taking
his kids with him.
I will miss those grandkids!
And the new houses that pop up
and the home improvements
and the cabins on the mountain
and the motorcycle buzzing up
and the new plans for business
and the firemen events
and the new postors drawn
and other artwork
and the rushing off fishing
to parts unknown..
and hunting who knows what
and having new little dogs
or new big dogs
and going up in balloons
to promote business
or off on motorcycle rides
for those in need..
sneaking off to Vegas
to do comedy
buying something different
This son just enjoys life!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Back to planting flowers...
and enjoying the ones we fleetingly have..
(I think these are Peonys)
Marge brought the Asiatic Lillies and Silva,
Exotic names for new blossoms,
I hope lived through last night.
The Lavender is planted
We have giant corn with 16 inch ears
that Tom stuck in the ground along
with onion and asparagras,
a few peas to eat off the vines
with spinach bushes and strawberries.
We look like a forest home with quakies and pine
and our pink crab apple tree is a beauty
for a few days in spring.
Growing is spirit food!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


The official quilt for the
Quilt Walk Festival is the one
with seven men who walked
over the mountain from
Panguitch to Parowan and back
on quilts for flour to save
the starving pioneers
that first winter in 1865.
The names of the seven are
under the hats...a poem
was written about the event.
The Indian Basket quilt is
my favorite for this year's
festival which had more
hanging quilts posted
than ever before.
There is a tractor parade,
an art festival, races,
and many quilt classes.
Women flock to this event.
It is unique.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Getting through 50 years
has not been easy...
my marriage is far from perfect.
That word on the wedding shirt,
tenacity, seems to fit.
We hung together by threads
while living apart so much-
he out in the truckers world,
me home teaching school.
Tom did his job.
I did mine.
He was surley.
I was stubborn.
We both allowed space.
Tom was telling Mala
that he didn't want a
bunch of PEOPLE to a party.
She snapped, "You're the one
that hung around for 50 years,
SO SUFFER! I laughed.
Ours is a not so easy marriage,
apt to boil at the edges
but there are points of respect
mutual consideration
mutual love
where we meet and agree.
50 years and we are only
beginning to know what the
other is really all about.
Always there are new things
to consider...

Sunday, June 6, 2010


We have 50 years together
and had a great party.
Our Grandson Drew has been
dubbed 'the golden child'
being the only Reynolds born
to carry on this line's name.
He's also our last grandchild,
tended by us while little,
so is more spoiled? Couldn't be.
Not any lesser loved,
here to celebrate with us
are six more grandchildren.
Only two are missing,
They are still in school in
the state of Washington,
and we wished they were here
to party.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Addison would have had a quilt
whether she graduated
sixth grade or not, but
it was finished just at that
She and I crocheted
the blocks through the
winter, then we put
the quilt together.
We loved it, until
an edge went on the floor
and Lola peed on it.