Saturday, July 31, 2010


Our boxes are filled with Marigolds this summer.
They don't seem to fade and die too soon. I like
that. All Tom's flowers are starting to bloom and
we have picked enough peas for peas and potatoes for
both us and Jason. Aspargras comes sparingly.
The onions will be great and beans are growing.
It won't be long until the growing season is over,
but I am enjoying every day. We love the Day
Lilies we got from Rolain. They come and go
and Lazy Susans are blooming. We are relaxing with our
flowers and completed half roof. Russian Sage is
blooming and the pine trees rustle in the breeze.
Summer is here. It's lovely.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Linda, you are underpaid!

This is the new quilt walk bronze statue
going up next to the bank in Panguitch.
$65,000 we paid.
The man throwing the quilt
is also standing on a bronze quilt.
I was told something about each of the
seven men who did the quilt walk
is included on the one man statue.
Interesting sculpture representing
our quilt walk...I'm sure the cost of
the bronze is impressive...but Linda,
I am sure you are not getting your just
due for the sculptures you made and are
making. The artist here may be a cousin
a Johnson who lives in Parowan.
He also did that bronze ram in front
of Parowan High School that I posted before.
The genes are right. Only the money for you
is lacking.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Dog days on the mountain

We had a few dogs join us today.
Jason and Lynne built the cabin
while the rest of us tended dogs.
Curevo is blind and deaf.
Lolo froze so tried to get into coats.
Sid sat on everyone.
Logan and Addison rode ATV's to the spring
and found the bluebells in bloom.
Gunner loped along with everyone,
in every direction. Boomer is a little
crippled..started out on foot,
came back on the ATV.
Abbey ran off...and we all looked
until she wandered back.
Jason kept six dogs close at night.
Mala two. Not much barking in the night,
but some at the other dogs. no seizures (Curevo).
We will all remember the dogs on the mountain!

We saw the deer and fawn coming out.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Jason

I don't know if the motorcycle was a
birthday present for himself...but
it has been enjoyed daily.
There have been trips everywhere.

I don't know if a move to Austin, TX
is a birthday present for himself...but
I hope it is a move the entire family loves.
And they will all enjoy exploring what's
new every minute possible.

No telling what might happen next...
and what another birthday will bring.
I hope joy and love and life...
for you and my other kids!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kids in Costume

Summer is the time to drag out old costumes,
perform all your talents, have tea parties,
and practice every stunt. Drew performs
from the door tops..only one small enough still.
Kids now nearing 50's will remember costumes
that fit grandkids now. Ahhhh, the days!
Summer fun. Summer travel. Summer...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dave Mac

I spent my day at the funeral for Dave yesterday. He was a year younger than my sister Linda. He ran with my husband's yungest brother Tony, who died suddenly of a heart attack just like Dave. All of the old buddies came. Stubby was there and talked about making saddles. Marvin was there although his wife has been very ill. Dave seemed too young...the youngest boy in his family.
The older brothers are still around. I didn't know that Dave was into having mules.
I know he had and rode horses all his life. The family loved racing horses.
But Dave's favorite was mules. He probably knew Reta's boy Russel...Prell loved mules. Dave did too. I enjoyed seeing his children and hearing what they had to say about Dave. Funerals remind that we all are closer to that day.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Boulder Festival - The Women

Those three bosses can make a joke of anything! But they are all up there...together!
The highlight of the festival was Cheryl, dressed up as Dora Black, reading or giving her poem topped off with Camille's song...which had everyone in tears, especially the Dora Black family..Roma, Vernon Dean, Renon and daughter, Colette and all of Cheryl's and Colette's kids were there. I hope you have the Women of Boulder book, so you can read the words to Cheryl's poem and Camille's song. I told them they could take it on the road..and they wanted to leave Sat. morning when the work was just beginning. Raymond wondered if they would listen to him about how hard 'taking it on the road' is. (I think they already knew that lesson from him.)
Vernon's joke about how ? was telling her boy ? that he wouldn't go to Heaven. He said he didn't want to go to Heaven. She said, "Why don't you want to go to Heaven?" "Because the only ones who will be there is you and Dorey Black!"
Dora certainly deserved a spot!
The very successful festival moved through the day with no hitches...oh, maybe one or two little ones. I thought my part went I told stories from my past about sisters and my adventures. I told how Grandmother Wilson was the writer in her family, Mother was the writer in her family, and Gerry was the writer in ours...and writers tend to keep everyone writing! Raymond was trying to do his part and Cheryl hers and I hoped my kids would soon step forward. Books need to be written.
Marion did a good job with Aunt Nethella and she had Dell there to do Lenora.
He has to know that his mother did her part for Boulder History. He had some funny stories to tell...about them all. Dixie acted very happy to be there part of Boulder history. She told how she and Lenora went to Hawaii and stayed with Mother who showed them around the island and they laughed and talked the whole time. Jerry did his on the midwives. I didn't make it to the artist hour because Boyd Griffin and Family sang that hour and I wanted to hear Boyd Jokes...which he told many as the songs were sung. Brian, Patricia, and Bill were there...but Bill had lost his voice. (been sick) They remembered Dean with 'bury me not on the lone prarie...right where he is!' Peg, Marty, and Clyde Ormand did the Ormand family...Grace had a birthday the day before and turned 99. We heard some interesting history on Ormands and Duels. Clyde is quite the talker...he wore the old bib overall. Raymond's singer friend from Austin was very good, the Faultline great, and many other entertaining singers. The festival lived up to it's name (whatever that is).
Clyde's Saddle got particular interest in that the company and saddle number was on the saddle. Some saddle expect was called and got excited about that saddle being worth money...we will have to put it into the museum of saddles! Diane did a wonderful tribute to her many friends in Boulder and served tea, lemonade, water and wonderful cookies. This was a festival to remember!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Boulder Festival

Cheryl is at the King place where another meeting is planned. Raymond is handling music. The Clyde King Saddle represents Camille! My goal for this year is to get those three planners in one spot and take a picture. Camille is not too visable, so I miss her all day and the other two are running around in every direction. I did take one of Camille and Doug that is too dark to see who it is.
As the festival begins tonight, I will miss the dancing with the man who no longer gets dancing. Too bad. That was fun. But I will arrive tomorrow for events.
I haven't heard if Marge is on her way. I do have a couple of good pictures of her!
I feel a little disjointed and wonder just how an hour will go on Saturday. I'm adding to my talk some about Mother as she was the writer in her family and was always busy writing something. Since Marion is talking about Aunt Nethella, her mother and Lenora, Mother should be there. I am interested in what everyone has to say. I will enjoy the festival. I'm sorry to miss those that won't be talk about their legacy. The books are written...the history is in the works.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jason and Kristy

On the back bike is Jason and Kristy on
The Harley Ride to help kids.
I printed it from a picture that was sent to
Jason (stole it) but I just wanted to feature
Kristy at this most difficult time for her.
Her husband Tim died after they signed up
for college at Dixie - suddenly,
shaking up the family.
They have a six-year-old boy.
Jason, on front, is her cousin...they
have become friends and see each other
on occasion. I am Jason's mom.
I felt bad for her to have her marriage
end so soon, leaving her to raise their son.
I hope she can rally and find her way.

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July in Boulder

The 4th is still happening in Boulder
The parade, program, food, and dance
that everyone hates to miss although most
of the people have changed.
My grandkids rode with Cheryl in the parade.
her grandkids did too. I hope her mom was
there with us too. I took pictures
for all of you who couldn't make it this year.
Do you think Lefair is telling us something?
The skeletons are part of his float.