Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Work

I started this quilt to teach
Meadow and Addison how to embroider.
I worked on it while watching tv.
We all had a package of six blocks.
when I realized that my blocks
were supposed to be sewed onto other blocks.
Could I stand to do that? I kept on..
We finished Addison's quilt. (pink)
We finished Meadow's quilt. (purple)
Mine? GREW. Until I had enough..
But, I'd have to QUILT the whole thing.
I do not believe in quilting...I tie.
Where were the Relief Society Ladies?
Oh, I quit church.
I planned to use Jessica and family..
but she moved. I put it on the frames.
I raised the quilt to one side
holding it agaist the wall with the couch
when I needed some room. I needed it
often. Tom went to the hospital.
It was there when we returned.
He cussed about trying to get around it.
Finally! Finished! After two months.
And who came visiting?
The Relief Society ladies...
President and counselors.
I don't even know why.
I was finished quilting.
I could have said...of course I need help!
I guess I'll keep this quilt
to remind me that I never want to quilt again.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Seven Arrows

This book is The People telling stories...about the Medicine Wheel, the Sun Dance, Seven Arrows and so much more. I do not know, exactly, what the stories are talking about, but many lessons are given. I was amazed by the many colors and designs of the Medicine Wheels and Shields. Each person discovers who they are and the name is put on the shield. Women learn about plants and the medicine wheel as well as childbirth, raising children, and their connection to men and the earth. I was fascinated by the stories, the pictures, the drawings..the information given in the book. I think we could all learn more about our connections to the earth, the stars, the animals and the four directions they live. I think this book is of great value...and I wish I understood the stories better. I can only learn more.

Monday, September 20, 2010


We returned from the hospital feeling a bit shakey and older..
The Rabbit brush is in bloom, onions had grown larger..
Flowers popped out we didn't know we had,
Leaves around town are turning color. Fall is in the air.
We are into the fall of our lives,
an interesting maze of emotional color streaks
through our everyday patterns...and we wonder.
how long we will be around.
I feel an urgency to get things done that can be done.
But want to laugh and talk and take time.
A curious mix of hurry up and wait...
And watch the days of fall slip by...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

In bloom

All the plants around the house are blooming...
just before they are frozen and are gone for the year.
I am happy to report that all my kids and grandkids are
safely back to their various I thought I'd feature
my plants when best dressed.
The lillies are gone, frozen.
The Russian Sage and Black-eyed Susans thrive.
I am 'resting' a bit from the come and go of Jason's family,
the funeral, tending dogs, everyone on an emotional rollercoaster.
Jason is going back to contacting people with job offers...
Jessica to her actual job.
The kids back to school and, I think, basically interested
in all the different happenings in their lives.
They'll be little Texans within a year.
Garret and Lynne got home and I had a great day at Volleyball games.
The family finished a shed for Lillian for her Birthday.
I will look forward to when anyone can come or I can go.
And maybe get to Boulder and get this book finished.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Red Cow

I loved this cow pictured in the Richfield Reaper.
Seemed like a perfect post..cow with flowers.
The cows are enjoying King's Pasture once again.
One had a fight with the barbeque grill...
Nothing like a cow to placidly enjoy
what is around her. A perfect change of pace.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Calli Lillies

I can't get my printer working,
so Calli Lillies will work today
for Janet's funeral.
As Mayor of Panguitch, she brought
to Panguitch Balloons and Harley
Davidsons on the same weekend...
So many are returning for a motorcycle
calvacade to the cemetery today.
One friend, who was driving from New York
to Maine, heard she died and turned
around, drove four days straight, and
is here. 15 or more are driving up from
her home country - Glendale, Orderville,
and Kanab, and everyone in Panguitch who
rides a bike. And there will be those
many customers that had food at the Flying M,
loving those giant cinnamin rolls.
Sad day for grandkids today.
May kids and grandkids be as active.
Mala and Lynne and Garret drove up
for the viewing last night. We enjoyed
them for a short time. Cheryl plans to
get to the funeral today.
As I've said before, she was far too young.
Janet will be missed.
(Doesn't Addy look like her as a young girl?)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Connie and Alfred - 60th Anniversary

Connie and Alfred were married on Nov. 8, which is also Connie's birthday. She turns 80 this year, but they were having it now when the family could gather without worrying about snow. Two of Geraldine's children weren't there and one of Shauna's.
Oh yes, one girl of Conrad's...he has two. We were surprised to see Karen and Ladell until we remembered the connection to Alfred. It was interesting to see all the family and all the kids. I didn't really know why we were there since we aren't immediate family...maybe because we invited them to ours. We sat by Martha, Cal and Carrie and had some good laughs. We brought along the old shed picture and the above picture of the Bailey girls...and the statue. Alfred said he was dressed in brown and Connie looked just like the grey. Connie said she was from Nov. to July older than you, Gerry. "Imagine, we will both be eighty within a year!" The dinner was pot roast and rib. Alfred paid..and the whole family was spending the night and going on a tour this morning. We asked them if they can hang in another 10 years...Alfred doubts it!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Color of Water

I finished this book by James excellent,
so well written about himself, his family and the racial issue.
Trying to understand himself, who he was, he wrote about himself,
his mother, his grandmother, and great-grand mother...discovering
them as he went wrote and talked to his mother who
didn't want to talk about it. He wrote about his father
musician and pastor of the church founded by his parents..
his step-father who took on eight kids after his father died
and had four more..and relatives and relatives and friends who stepped
in when they needed help with education and food.
This is a great book about America, blending of races and cultures,
and also the difficulties along the way.
It is about his mother growing up with an Orthodox Jewish father who
molested her and moved and moved and moved.
It is about living in the South, the Ku Klux Klan,
Black Power and killings while his mother
fell in love with a black who could have also been killed,
and had an abortion in New York, sent by her crippled mother.
A difficult homelife sent her to Harlem and finally
into the arms of her first kind husband.
She became Christian and helped her husband form a church.
They had a happy life and eight children when he died.
A second, also very kind happy man, stepped in to help
and they had four more.This is a book by one of the children
trying to understand her past, know where he came from,
and know himself. He discovers as he uncovers.
It is a book about Love and it's power to transcend
all difficulties.
About God, the color of water,
and how He touches lives.
The book was read by millions, became a icon in what
makes America great, is studied in schools
...and I just discovered it now.
I am touched. You will be too.