Wednesday, April 28, 2010


This is the new sculpture of the Rams
at Parowan High School. At least I
have never seen it before.
Powerful. Magestic. Larger than life.
This Ram symbolizes Parowan.
I like it. I think of how you have to
push ahead, ram things through
to accomplish what you plan.
And hope you can do it with finesse,
with honor, with brilliance, with work.
I like it. I should have written
the sculpturer's name.
I should have taken another picture.
Love this ram.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dance Review

I spent all day at a dancing review
watching preschool to 9th grade
performing and performing in
a endless array of costumes and
dancing sprites.
I enjoyed it all..
mothers hoovering near,
fixing hair, smoothing nerves
as kids hoped they could do it right.
How good it is to see girls of all
shapes and sizes having so much fun
with dance. Dancing can be a
lifelong joy to many, to all,
to anyone that just wants to
shake it! There was just one boy...
and I wondered at the split of
interests where dad's go to see
their boys play basketball, baseball
wrestling, and sports,
but do not want to see them dance.
Girls love to dance with men they love,
and are baffled why the love for it
isn't there. I know why..watching
all the dancing little girls.
Loving to twirl and glide.
No boys are there enjoying it too.
A sissy sport for men, real men.
It's hard to keep them dancing!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


I finally got my book to the printer
and they are running off a draft for me
to check. I haven't picked it up yet,
but the thought of it actually being out
in the world is making me very, very nervous.
I don't really know why as it isn't
that extreme...except that it's mine.
Last night I dreamed I went to school in
a t-shirt. Only a t-shirt! People
kept trying to tell me that was all
I had on...motioning, falling back,
looking so shocked, yelling, hooting
etc. (I think this is another alheimers worry)
Anyway, finally, a male teacher grabbed me and
shoved me in a classroom and said, "What
the hell are you doing?" It was then
I realized my state of dress..and was horribly,
horribly embarrassed and I woke up with
such relief that I'd had a most embarrassing
dream. It wasn't real. I didn't actually do that...
and then, I thought, Is it this book?
Am I saying too much? What will be the reactions?
Can I live with what people think?
There is no sex in my book.
But my sister is writing hers.
I do reveil some harsh moments in mine
I do feel exposed. Is that it???

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sinawava Falls at Zion's

Ella Bybee claims the man (yellow shirt) and
girl (plaid) are her and her husband
captured on their honeymoon at Zion's Canyon.
I thought this a spectacular postcard.
She claims she is on two other postcards
she saves. Very unusual for somone to
end up on three postcards! The other two
are at Salt Aire and Hoover Dam, but
what do I know? I am on my way to do
my oral history today and thought you'd
love seening an old postcard of the falls.
I don't think I've been to these falls
at Zion's Canyon..I'd like too and walk
the Brite Angel Trail. Two older people
have fallen to their deaths in the last year
from that trail, so it would be wise for me
to look at the falls from the bottom.
I find it interesting that so many local
people see the parks on their honeymoon,
especially in days gone by. But...
they still do and it is so beautiful.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Drew at State Wrestling

Drew is over to a state wrestling
tournament for little kids.
This is the team trophy that Panguitch
won last year for first place.
I don't know if they will do that
well today. Drew has taken second
and third this year in wrestling
tournament, so he may do well.
We aren't driving over as his
Grandpa has swollen legs today.
But wish him luck.
And applaud all those parents
spending all day long watching
one match after another...
I remember some going until
midnight...but they have more matches
and organize much better with more
catagories so more kids come home
with a medal hanging on their necks.
It's great! They are back home no later
than five. So I'm hoping
Drew wins another medal
and wish his dad could win one
for hanging in there.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Winter work

We have worked, off and on, some months
a year or so and finally finished six
blocks for Meadow that needed to be put
together in a quilt. Addie can't locate hers
as it is part of moving out of the bedroom
to redo. When bored we can sew, do
puzzles, play games...Drew beat me in
chess the other day when I helped him.
Painting...everyone likes painting.
They are all trying to be as good as
their dad. Their mom makes quilts with
tiny little blocks that takes time
and effort. I never do one them so small,
so I expect one day they will sew well.
All the grandkids seem to get some
notice on their drawings. I love
to look at them. Garret's book of
superheroes he's drawn are interesting..
and Hunter's Peacock was tagged.
I put that one up..I had to send it back.
The kids love to get out the rags and
make clothes for dolls, blankets or
cloth art. I don't know how many pillows
have been made (they're fun to stuff!).
Being bored is not an option!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Deer on the lawn

I took this picture out my back door
going through the garage.
There is something irrestible about
deer eating on the lawn in
broad daylight. Most pictures
taken through the screen aren't
good, but I thought I'd share.