Friday, June 10, 2011

Unbelievable Quilt

This quilt of the Last Supper is made with 1/4 of inch size blocks...51,000 of the tinest quilt blocks you can imagine to make this picture. The quilter first made pictures on the computer, pixal picture where he matched all the colors as he went along. To practice, he made inch size blocks of his wife and himself just to learn how to make the picture making a picture quilt and then he did this Last Supper Picture quilt. He had the quilt sewn by machine. That is another amazing job, sewing so exact and so neat with every line of the hands. The machine quilter had to change colors on her machine many times to exactly match the picture. It's so amazing..the picture and the sewing which was done by Don Locke of Woxahachie, Texas. He and his wife came to show off this quilt at the Panguitch Quilt-Walk Festival. Here are two others, but believe me..there is no comparison.
I do love the so many other well-made beautiful quilts. I had just never seen such a quilt with such little blocks made. It measures 183" X 67" so it is large.
I am soooo impressed!

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