Sunday, June 5, 2011

Extended Family

I wrote this poem for the two young extended family members that died
this month. The picture is family members at the funeral.

is in the crazy twitter
of thousands of birds
greeting the sun
each new day
Dawn – a portrait

Daylight finds work…
the struggle to face
what is needed.
The sun gives energy and light.

Sunset brings calm
And beauty incomparable.

covers and outlines
stark contrasts of
light and dark
moments for solitude
and reflection

Night – moon and stars
Heaven closes around
us once more.

Tom's mother and Carrie's mom were sisters and spent
many hours of their lives together, quilting, cooking
in conversation. They went back and forth on a daily basis.
The girls of Aunt Nellie's and the boys of Aunt Maude...
dragged along.
Extended family touches all our lives.
Cousins become good friends.

1 comment:

  1. Interesting seeing some photos of the mourners. Glad you and Glade got there. A sad time. Last night I had a dream of someone entering the spirit world, again I think a young woman. I don't know who this will be. A young woman was taken by stretcher from here yesterday afternoon to the hospital, but I didn't know her. She may have been a visitor. This has to be someone else. Watch and wait.