Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

The old headstone has Great-grandpa James King
on one side, Great-grandma Isabella Neil King
on the other, and James (twin brother of John)
King on a third side...all buried at Fillmore, UT.
I remember grandma Isabella coming to Boulder once.
My great-grandma Wilson kissed us all when she left
saying she wouldn't see us again..but she did, several times.
My Grandpa and Grandma King lived to see their son
Max and Glen's and Grandson Stewart go first.
They are in Escalante with Aunt Nethella and Richard,
Aunt Neta and Aunt Mary Ena (who I never knew).
The Kings were hard working, straight talking folk
who loved a joke and a good poem.
My Wilson grandparents are in Salt Lake
Crae went missing in World War II.
His tombstone is in Boulder with Mother and Dad.
And my sister LaRae, gone 20 plus years.
Uncle Reed and his kids are in Boulder.
Aunt Thirza and Ted..later on...and this year
Marge left us and joined the family beyond.
She leaves a hole behind.
Her tombstone is not yet placed.
Tom has been down with pancreatitis...
and I hope he can recover and go on awhile.
We all look to the edge...two younger ones
in their forties joined the other world
on Tom's side. No one is exempt.
Shelly and Leann. Too young it seems.
The spirits lean toward us today
and we lean toward them
wishing them close
wishing them well
wishing them tender care
with concern.
Memorial many have gone
that touched our lives
and leave us here to wait

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  1. Yes, you could say we are waiting as we are busy trying to get every task done we think needs doing before we leave the earth to those who are going to be the stewards until they, too, go, an endless cycle, so I think we should have faith that is a good one, the best that could be devised. We do need cycles or we would probably fall into a rut and not be able to get out. As it is we have to be on our toes even when old to try to hang on as long as possible!